Stick buttons. and box materials

The search function has failed me and I require advice on arcade stick buttons. I was using junk Happ push-buttons for the first version of my stick but they are breaking and require changed. So I come to you, in your great knowledge of arcade buttons, what recommendations can you make. I have learned from my last try that concave buttons suck hard, but I do not know the differences between the companies or models ect.

Also, if there is any advice as to material to make a box out of, that would be a boon as well. Version 1 was made out of inch thick plywood. The result was a foot tall heavy as hell monster.

In short, learning from mistakes but looking for advise from the masters on buttons and boxes. :karate:

Just get a case for sanwa parts from, cheaper than buying the tools you need. Get sanwa jlf and balltop, Sanwa 30mm buttons from or .110 quickdisconnects

I got the tools already.

I also can get most materials on the cheap to free, as opposed to paying for a prebuilt case.

That, and I love the challenge of construction.

In that case check out slagcoin. He has a few example cases he built. No matter how many tools you got you will end up wanting/buying more. Any stick builder here will attest to that.

Just go with Sanwa for starters. You will need to get 30mm and 24mm forstners. Holesaws from Ace Hardware work as well, but forstners are better for wood and acrylic. I would just get everything you need at

MDF is pretty versatile and very cheap, only thing is it has to be painted because its rather ugly. Poplar is another common and cheap wood that looks nice bare, light as hell though and pretty soft. Don’t even think about pine or any type of plywood/fiberboard they’re terrible.

Imo i think MDF is the best to use if you’re relatively new, very easy to work with and super cheap.

My favorite suggestion for beginners wood is maple. Widely available at some home depot’s for cheap, and a good color. Beech, is another wood at many home depot’s. I dislike the green heartwood often found in poplar but it is a great wood to work with.

MDF is good to work with, just make sure you get a breathing mask with the two side filters, the white ninja face masks look cool but are inadequate. You will feel the itchy MDF dust irritating your respiratory passages.