Stick can't read upback/upforward inputs

My stick is a Hori-Pro EX, and it’s been good to me for almost two years now. The stick itself was a sanwa, so I had no clue how it broke (too much mahvel madness I guess). Other than those two directions, stick works fine.

Anyway, any ideas what might have went wrong? Really nervous about opening it up… more importantly, do I have to get a stick replacement?

You probably just have a dead microswitch on the PCB for your joystick. You might need a “Sanwa TP-MA Replacement PCB Switch Assembly”.

HRAPEX doesnt use a sanwa PCB, also if its only not registering those directions and up still works, then the microswitch is still functional. THe HRAPEX being non common ground, one of the grounds/leads might have gone faulty or something. The only way to tell is to open it.

i’ve no idea for that