Stick compatibility at tournaments

I was planning on going to EVO this year, but I’ve learned that the platform for my game will be the PS3. My stick is for the Xbox 360 and I don’t even own a PS3, so this presents a problem.

My question is, is the only real solution to buy a PS3 stick?

You have a few options:

  1. Buy a PS3 stick
  2. Buy a dual-platform stick (Eightarc for example)
  3. Mod your 360 stick to make it dual-platform in one way or another (check the stickies in the Tech Talk subforum for details on that)

What Keres said. Also, you could make friends, and borrow their sticks.

I really wish I’d known about Eightarc before I got a TE last year. My friend is also planning to go with me and he also plays on 360 so we’re both facing this issue.

I suppose the best course of action would be to buy an Eightarc and sell my TE, but it looks like everything on Eightarc’s site is sold out. Do they restock often?

Modding your TE will cost less, and isn’t as hard as you’d be led to believe. Hit up Tech Talk for more details.
I’m a noob at soldering and even then modding my TE was quite easy. There is very minimal soldering, and there are solderless solutions that are sold. I went with a Toodles ChIMP board and used the screw-ins to lessen the amount needed.The TEasy board is solderless, but costs a bit more, and there’s also the dual strike. The TEasy Strike is probably the easiest solution, if you’re absolutely keen to avoid soldering.

EDIT: Toodles’ Kitty board is also an alternative clean solution.

Buy a Qanba Q4. You can go to to buy them. They’re 95% identical to EightArcs, but $30 cheaper. In fact, Qanba produces the EightArc sticks that people love so much.