Stick customization noob looking for a little guidance with installing a PS360+ In a Qanba Q4RAF

Hello. I am the very definition of a noob when it comes to arcade stick customization and construction. I’m not looking for step by step handholding, but I just need someone with experience to answer a couple questions and to help steer me in the right direction. Although I have never mucked around with the guts of an arcade stick before, I have some experience with electronics wiring, and feel that I should be able to handle the relatively small amount of wire work that I think is required for this project.

Basically, I’m looking to install an Akishop PS360+ into my Qanba Q4RAF, to replace its current PCB. What I want to know is the very simplest way I can get this done. Specifically, I would like to know if I will need to purchase anything else to successfully complete the installation. I believe I have the tools required for the job, but I do not know if I am missing any essential wires, or adapters, needed to get this new PCB properly functioning with my stick. Would buying a set of wires with quick disconnects already installed help make my endeavor any more simple (noobproof)?

Ultimately, what I am asking is if the installation of a PS360+ into my Qanba Q4 will be as simple as removing the wires from the current PCB, and reconnecting them into the appropriate terminals on the PS360+. Is the general idea really this simple? Or have I missed something entirely when it comes to what the actual process of swapping these PCBs out will be like?

That for the most part is all that there is to it in a nut shell. Most of the wires fit into convent screw terminals and the only tools you would need is a pair of wire cutters for clipping the wires of the old board and a small screw driver. There is a USB jack for a B type USB plug and a RJ45 Jack for tooless cable installation. If you can feel a Normal USB printer cable into your stick, that would be the best. You could also try to splice the B type connector to your USB cable. Worst case scenario you might have to solder the wires on the USB cable to provided pads on the PS360+ board.

Thank you for the bit of encouragement you provided me by confirming and providing me with the info. After taking a look at some diagrams provided by a PDF over at Akishop, I now feel very confident with all of the primary button and stick wiring. However, I’m a little worried about one aspect of the USB installation. I’ve opted to go with the tool-less option and just get a USB A to B cable for the B type connector on the PCB. I’m worried that the connection of the B end to the connector on the PCB will be in constant risk of becoming disconnected, or damaging the board, with a simple tug of the cable. I have not opened up my stick yet, and I do not currently have my PS360+, so I may be missing some obvious way of keeping this cable snug and secure. If I do have a legitimate concern regarding the physical strength of the hookup between the USB, and the port on the board, then what would you suggest I do to make sure that I avoid the aforementioned connection concerns?

Tie a knot in the USB cable just before it exits the cable hole. Simple.