Stick & D-pad, Advantages/disadvantages

i wonder if anyone has the same problem as me, with stick im MURDER with charge, yet struggle with QCF moves, but on fightpad, Stuggle with Charge, awesome with QCF, but SRK and half circle moves its par on both, and 360’s im great with(for some reason) dont know why, its just how it is, and QCFx2 on the left side is easier then the right, but a single QCF is easier on the right then left, dont ask why, i guess my muscle reflexes are trained yet to pull them out normal, i just need more training with the stick i guess.

i wonder what other problems other players have, cause i hear people cant pull off Claw or Guiles Super’s/Ultra’s and for me its really easy, but what problems you guys face, i would like to know :slight_smile: (also to see if anyone shares my pain of QCF lol)

ps im not saying i cant pull off QCF just compared to the rest its the worst.

I know what you mean I suck at the charge moves with my pad - especially the ULTRA Charge moves - I always seem to ‘jump’ instead. For me you hut the mail right on the head!

It really comes down to what you are good with. I know a guy who can use a pad like no one else.

the key to using a pad is to never let your thumb rest on the DPad. Most input commands require a release.

A stick makes it easier for EX moves, throws, taunts, and Focus attacks. It is all in how the buttons are placed. Instead of having to hit two with one finger, or cramp your fingers to the pad, your hand is free to move, so you hit what is needed with single fingers. Its a lot easier to do things at the same time like that.

Again, it really just boils down to what you want to use. You can make yourself get good with a pad if you really want.

blablablabla has nothing to do with street fighter iv.

Bottom line, you’re not used to the stick. After 3 weeks of having my Mad Catz SE, I can do DP’s on demand. Simply put, you’re not used to it. There are zero disadvantages to using a stick over a pad. Every advantage you have with a pad is a simple case of “I use a pad a lot more than I use a stick.”.

Pretty much that’s it. Less than a month with a stick and I will never play fighters on a pad again. I would rather spectate than screw over my skills by using such garbage for fighters. If you have a counter point to this, please also put the disclaimer (I don’t own a stick) on the bottom of your post because that’s the only way I could even conceive of anyone arguing in a pad’s defense.

Oh, and wrong board.

Agreed. The people that don’t do well with a stick don’t invest enough time into learning how to use it. You’re essentially relearning how to control the character. Give it time, you WILL become a better player with a stick. Playing any charge character without a stick is hell to me.

With that said, I still don’t have a stick, and play my charge characters with the pad. Booooo.

Dpad sucks

D-Pads FTW

If you can’t use a pad in high end play



I am starting to feel comfortable more and more with the stick each day.

I know that I can’t go back to pad now

D-Pad has the advantage of developing carpel tunnel syndrome.

i wouldnt be doing ex jump 3 hits with sakura instead of ultra if i was using a pad.

but i would have so many blisters and would have a harder time doing tight combos and links. so its not worth it ill just practice it more.

I feel I cant do moves with a d-pad that i can do with a arcade stick.

to me, it even seems like generic sticks with shoddy parts beat pads (unless it’s a saturn pad, best pad for fighters imo).

I can pretty much do anything I want on a PS3 pad but I just can’t get used to a stick. Maybe cos I wasn’t “brought up” on sticks like most people in teh fight community are.

I think it’s a good idea to get good with both. You never know when you’ll end up having to play with one or the other.

I dunno I find that there are certain disadvantages with d-pad. Sometimes it does a move I didn’t intend to do cuz I moved too fast. That and many long hours with the dpad kills my thumb. For me a stick has been more concise.

ur probably gonna get better wit the stick in due time. im actually pretty bad wit the stick compared to my pad. u hould see me play keyboard wit ryu on ggpo, im actually best wit that lol just cant do judo kick cuz its half circle moves. i was gonna make a similar thread but i guess it is just practice.

one thing if noticed is ppl havin trouble pullin dps fireballs n what not. those are basics. if u cant do those u really outta … keep tryin lol. the things i have problems wit is links n some combos. for example, when i do crouching hard punch wit ryu and connect to hard dragonpunch, i’ll miss sometimes. the trick is to hold down press hard punch, quickly move from down to down-forward back to down and press hp again. u dont have to go all the way forward. even in the arcade i usually do it all the way forward but it always comes out on the happ sticks. i guess im not used to the japanese square gates and light touch response.

Stick is top tier in pretty much all fg’s, i never see any advanges in using pad.

Unless you play smash, or something… :looney:

only advantage i have with pads is my reaction time is better especially for stuff like double taping. Its quicker to move your thumb than your whole hand, which is just the problem I have with Sticks in general (can’t move it fast enough) Everything else, i ll take the stick over by far.