Stick & D-pad, Advantages/disadvantages



Joystick is much more better then pad when u get use to it.
One of the reason why a pad player takes awhile getting use to a joystick is
cause one big advantage on d-pad is there is a small deadzone or u could say none at all.
A joystick with microswitches on the other hand has a larger deadzone plus you are not use to useing your whole hand to move a character cause u are use to useing your thumbs.


Well If It Was To Hard For You To Tell I Was KIDDING

The D-Pad Is Horrid. Plain And Simple.

Playing With THe Stick Is The Only Way To Go.

Anyway Who Thinks The Analog Stick is Decent.


I only use analog for charge characters myself, but it’s so imprecise when you’re playing, say, Boxer, who has many back to down-forward charge moves, or trying to pull off Guile’s ultra…

I gotta say, though, friend of mine brought some sticks to my place and I actually got to use it. I ended up going back to pad coz I wanted to win again, but in the short time I used it I managed to get off a SGS with Gouki, a few fireballs, a DP or two, and had a pretty good Boxer mirror match, although I don’t normally play him XD


I’d say it all depends on your level of commitment. If you’re a casual fighting game player than a pad would probably be preferable (but definitely invest in a Fightpad or Saturn).

Now if you want to enter the competitive arena or devote many hours to playing a game than by a stick.

I tried playing KOF XI the other day with my Saturn Pad. Gah…I was getting a bad case of carpel tunnel.

And also playing with SFIV, I find hitting the buttons to be simpler as I’m using my fingers versus thumb (one thumb versus four fingers on a hand).

If you’re having difficulty accomplishing moves than it is most likely the Japanese style of stick…and it requires an adjustment period to become acclimating to moving it.


d-pad advantage: you don’t have to spend money on a stick
disadvantage: most tourneys still have their games on arcade machines.


Stick: advantage
D-Pad: disadvantage

Close thread.


The original x-box s controller was not a bad pad to use. That’s like all I used for 3s and I felt like I was able to do everything on command. Then again I pretty much just used a mash super Dudley, so. Dashing and parrying was much easier for me on a pad.


I prefer d-pad to be honest. I was decent on an arcade machine until they got rid of Tilt (my local arcade), then I didn’t buy a stick or anything and just settled for console gaming with a pad. All in all I think you should just use what you’re used to.

And yes…kara-throwing is a bitch on a pad. That I will admit.:grrr:


I have both the Saturn USB controller and the Madcatz fight stick (swapped out with all sanwa parts) and I feel that im def better on the saturn controller for fireball type characters but im better with the stick for charge characters (Never have a problem pulling out a buffalo headbutt with balrog)

With that being said when I play any of the Vs games I just feel a lot more comfertable with the saturn controller. It seems like my movements are a lot faster weither it be the deadzone in the D Pad. (or lack there of)

I guess it really depends on the person. You can get used to anything if you use it long enough but it would seem for myself any of the quarter circle movements I can just exacute a lot faster with the controller.


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This is a great thread , I am sure lots want to know the advantages and disadvantages on stick or dpad and why.


I have the Ps3 Axis controller , Sega Saturn controller , TE stick.

All 3 have different advantages for sure.

My Dash speed and reflex speed is much better on controller. At the moment trying to get better at the Sega Saturn controller.


After about a year of trying to learn and 4 months of using stick consistently, I think advantages and disadvantages vary by the person. As of right now I don’t think I can ever get to the point where i feel more comfortable using stick as compared to a PS2 pad. I still have lots of trouble dashing and doing any type of motion on the player 1 side. My reaction time also seems much better on pad as well.

For me everything just feels more… exact I guess you could say when there are buttons to press for your directions rather than a lever of sorts. I think Tekken and VF are the easiest games for me to use stick. Guilty Gear feels outright impossible, though people make it look easy. Either way I’m going to continue getting used to stick and maybe one day fully understand what people are talking about.


Its been done countless times over and over, there are no advantages to pad over stick.


It depends on the person and the game really. One good thing about pads is the relatively compact size.


I’d say if you are serious about getting your game to the next level get a stick. If you are just a casual player, stick with the pad.