Stick Dead, or something it's connected to?


Hey guys, I need some help here. I have an SFXT Stick like this one

and the stick part has stopped working. I opened it up and took the stick out, it smelled of electric (idk what else to describe it as heh). Everything else on the stick works fine. Could it be something the stick is hooked too, or is it most likely the stick itself. Mind you the turbo, and PS button work and seem to be hooked to the same t hing the stick is.

Now, this leads me to my next question. I was actually looking to replace the stick with a stick that is smooth all the way around, and not 8way (idk what to call it, but i don’t like how it’s like a stop sign). Do they make these kind of sticks? If so, where can I get one that would fit this SFXT stick? Thank you for any and all information!


Can you pop out the gate and inspect the PCB assembly for any damage.
its held in by 4 black plastic tabs.


All 4 switches do not work, and I was told that all 4 going out at the same time was most likely the PCB or Wiring Harness. Anything I can do myself, or do I need ti professionally repaired? What part is the “PCB” ? I took the whole joystick apart and every component of the joystick is separate right now except the mounting plate (the screws are weird and my screwdriver wont work on them)


and if I just buy this, would it be everything I need? I don’t mind spending $30 if that is all it is


You can get the PCB by it self for cheaper, google jlf tp-ma assembly


Sweet! Cheap and easy fix, well… at least I hope, here’s to trial and error! xD

Hmm looks like Focus attack has everything I need, the PCB assembly and the circle gate, SCORE!