Stick decision. SSF4 TE impressions?

I am going to be buying my first stick in the next few days but I am wondering if the new SSF4 TE stick would be better than the the round 2 edition.

I have read about the PCB problems and that concerns me a little; only because I don’t want to have to repair the stick or send it in to be honest. I play on a friends first gen TE all the time and it has never had the problem but still it is a concern.

Does anyone have a SSF4 TE that could share their experiences with it? Is it built solid like the other TE sticks? Does the little edge near the bottom bother you or make gameplay worse? Or just throw out the general impressions if you could?

Which console will you be using it on friend? There is another concern to those you mention: PC compatibility. PS3 Madcatz sticks are notorious for a variety of quirks regarding pc support. If you check the forums you’ll see a variety of issues reported for the original version and a possible pcb issue with the "S’ edition. Personally I’d wait till these issues clear out. If you’re in a hurry a HRAP3 or HRAPV (especially the SA or SE editions) are also good value for money. Check them out too.

I can’t tell the difference between the old TE’s and the new one other than the new design. I got my SSFIV stick on Tuesday so I haven’t had THAT much time with it. I like the new design personally, but playing with it it feels exactly the same as the old TE sticks. The stick is a TAD stiffer though but that’s probably because I haven’t worn it in yet =).

I have the PS3 black version, and yes there are PC compatibility issues. They can be circumvented by buying a USB hub that works with these sticks though, like the one I have.

All the TE sticks use the same Sanwa parts, so the only reason you should feel a difference in the controls is, as you said, because a new one won’t be as worn in.




I’ll be using it on the 360. I don’t know much about the Hori sticks though. I thought Hori always used american style parts? I guess not though? I like the madcatz design and have heard good things about them (except for the PCB issues) so I thought I would stick with them but i’m not opposed to another brand.

The thing is I don’t want to buy a stick and end up not liking it. I don’t know anyone who has a Hori stick and there are no arcades around me to try out american styled sticks (I’ve played them before back in the day but I like the super sensitivity of the Sanwa parts) So that is probably why I was really sticking with madcatz.

My friend has two first gen TE sticks and we play on those bad boys all the time and I like them. I know the new ones are slightly different but if the have the same parts and fixes the PCB issue then it could be worth it I think.

Did you make these videos? I have seen them before and with the shaky cam plus the “uh uh uh” I was getting distracted lol Thanks for the links though.

Also in the first video at 1:34 you can clearly see the ridge at the bottom of the stick where the plexi is raised slightly. Does this bother anyone? Does is rub on your wrists and make it uncomfortable to play ever?

Thanks for all the help so far guys.

I have a a Hori for my xbox and just bought a round 2 stick for my PS3. I prefer my PS3 stick by far. Both are Japanese parts, weird adjustment for me, since the springs are so much more lose than the happ parts I am used to. I do not think they changed the parts much from the round 2 to the SSF4 sticks. Even with the PCB issues that I have heard of I love my round 2 and have not had any issues so far. Probably going to dual mod it down the road anyways.

between the hori hrap and madcatz te… doesn’t it just depend on the button layout preference?

I kinda remember reading that the buttons on the Hori weren’t as good as the TE and that if you wanted to have a better stick it would be necessary to replace the buttons on the Hori.
I could be wrong though! Personally, I have used the first gen TE so much and the Japenese style parts that switching to either a new button layout (Hori) or an American styled stick (other Hori’s) would probably too much getting used too. I have had to practice way too much to get where I am now (which is still not great :confused: lol ) that I think getting the Hori would ultimately be not in my best interest.

Of course I could be wrong about that too and I could love the Hori stick to death and wish I never touched the Madcatz; but, I have never played on a Hori stick. I am worried about buying it and hating it. I am doing a terrible job at deciding what arcade stick to get… geez lol

id just buy a Rd2 if ur chancing the madcatz pcb at all.
I think the Rd 2 has everything correct in all the looks department.

Ya, It is basically between the round 2 and the new ones at this point. I don’t know how I feel about the PCB problems though. really don’t want to have to replace it or send it in; but, it could actually be fine and I wouldn’t have a problem so I don’t know.

I’d just grab a round 2 if you want to save a couple bucks. The aforementioned PCB issue is something I’ve only had a problem with once, but i just unplugged and plugged it back in and it worked fine. Roundhouse went dead as I plugged in the headset. But with 2 TE’s and only that one instance (that was remedied on the spot), they’re pretty reliable.

All boils down to looks I’m thinkin.

Ya, boiling down to looks. MarkMan said there is going to be a promo going on next weekend for PAX east so depending on what that is all about will probably decide what I order at this point.

Basically, both the sticks are legit. One could have a PCB issue and the other looks like it might now be as sturdy and really put together as well (to me at least). So, if the price is right during that promo on the SSF4 TE sticks then I will get that, if not, a round 2 it is.

I really really wish someone would do a nice video review of the new sticks; one where there is a good look over the product and some impressions of the quality and maybe a size comparison of the older TE sticks if they can. That would be super nice.

I don’t know why the size comparison would matter. The end caps are the same material and hollow. How the stick sits on your lap or ground (base + supports) and the surface area your hands use are exactly the same between rd1/2/mvc/SSIV
people with very, very large hands might like the SSFIV out the box, since it doesnt have the trim piece in the way
but an older TE will accomplish the same with full plexi + u get the artwork u want on it

Just curious to be honest lol It doesn’t matter that much.

if you get the hori hrap 3 sa it has the same buttons and joystick as the madcatz te. the hori can be had on amazon for about 20 dollars cheaper than the madcatz te…
but i still say its up to button layout prefrence.

just look into the hrap 3 sa

For Horis, only the base HRAP3 and HRAP-EX still use Hori buttons. The HRAP3-SA and the new HRAP.V3-SA use Sanwa buttons - both are for PS2 however. For the XBox 360, you’re best bet is to look for a HRAP EX-SE which has Seimitsu buttons, or wait for the upcoming HRAP.VX-SA which has Sanwa buttons.

Alright, I see the HRAP EX-SE has the Seimitsu buttons. Awesome. Can someone tell me why these sticks would be better than the Madcatz? Mostly because I wouldn’t have to worry about the PCB issues?

Thanks everyone.