Stick design idea

Hey folks,

I’m working on a stick for my xbox 360 and since I’m totally unexperienced even using sticks I would like your experienced opinion about my design idea.

I’ve made a terrible design sketch, but Im sure it will get the idea across:

As you see I’m thinking about making a little angled part for the 6 butons. Seems to me this makes it easier to press the two buttons more easily with one finger. Maybe this won’t work with the game I’m playing (SF4)?

Also I was thinking about making the last 2 buttons seperated next to the 6 buttons, one on both side. These would be easily pressed by my thumb and pinky.

Please do give me your thoughts and experience!

the angle will make it awkward to use


Looks like your wrists will start bleeding after 30 mins of use.

You can always try it and let us know how it works out, but I think it may be hard to do 3P consistently like that?

Now that I think of you, deadfrog would probably like something like that.

Thanks for the comments so far guys.

I just wonder why the angle would make it awkward. I would make the end of the angled part a bit curved, so its not sharp. And the palm of my hand would be resting on that curved part, so no differenced for the wrists I reckon.

Im just trying to get around the awkwardness of having to use two fingers to press 2 buttons which are vertically aligned. But maybe this is not necessary…

You use 2 fingers for vertically aligned buttons or smash your finger down and hit both buttons lol.

ok so the angled part is dropped then! What do you think of making 2 buttons on both side, so you can control those with your pinky?

I guess that could work. I just don’t see that as being comfortable. But it’s personal taste. I mean, when I play, I have my index through ring fingers on the LP, MP, and HP, my pinky on HK, and my thumb for LK and MK (my hand doesn’t always stay that way, but that’s how it starts).

An extra button for your pinky, though, is an interesting idea.

Build a mockup panel in some scrap wood and try it out.

^ Heck, you can even just use cardboard if you want to see. Shoeboxes make awesome prototypes, no joke.