Stick distance to buttons: hrap3 and TE


Does anyone know if the hrap3 and TE joystick to button distance is the same or different?

I got lucky with craigslist today and picked up a TE. So far, I’m liking my hrap3 waaaay more. The stick on the TE feels too close to the buttons, but I dont know if thats because im not used to a balltop. my hrap3 has a battop and its very comfortable for me.


I thought it looked too close when I first bought my TE, but it feels perfect!

Also, the TE shares the same spacing as the actual SF4 arcade cabinet iirc. It comes down to preference though. Play with the TE for a while and see how it grows on you.


ya i really like the te and sf4 cab spacing compared to the wide spacing my arcade has on mvc2. i noticed a lot of the custom builders on here don’t make the spacing that close and i cant find a layout on slagcoin that is identical to the te.