Stick Durability vs Pad

Hey all. SFIV has managed to do something to my controlleers that never has been done before. Back when i first got SFIV my controller’s left analog stick broke off in about a month when I was training with Viper and created a crack around the area of the controller. The controller was brand new since I just got my PS3 at the time. I still had warranty on it so I thought I could replace it easily. It was hell. I was tossed around from Best Buy to call Sony and Sony tried to charge me so I tried Best Buy again, they did the same thing, then I actually went to the Best Buy store with my receipt and I was able to get it replaced, but with the cost of $10 since I was rushing before I left the house and didn’t bring the analog knob that fell off.

I was playing IV again for a little while after that, but I was playing it sparingly to prevent the same thing from happening again. I eventually grew bored of the game and just last month I decided to start playing it again. I wanted to get those trials done that I never could and I did manage to get Viper’s Hard Trial 2 and Sakura’s Hard Trial 3 completed, but now I’ve noticed that my controller is wearing again. This time it isn’t the analog stick, but my square button is f’ed up. The game only reads it if I mash the button hard. I think that comes from me canceling a lot with Viper, but that also messes me up when I’m doing pokes and I’m afraid that my controller will break on me again. Sometimes when I’m playing Viper or Cammy, it sometimes feel like my analog stick is getting loose, so it’s quits after that.

With SSFIV coming in a couple of months I feel like training again, but I don’t want to break my controller in the process even though I have a spare. I’ll be coming into some money shortly and I want to know how the durability is on fightsticks. I reckon that they’re better since they’re larger and heavier than a controller, but you all probably know better than me, so what’s the insight?

Yes Arcade controllers are more durable, and if you break it from using it too rough, you can get a replacement. If you don’t abuse a joystick it should last at least a year. Maybe after 3-4 years you may need to just replace a microswitch assembly and spring for $15

by replacing it do you mean paying a whole nother $130 or I can get a new one for free with a warranty?

Or replace certain parts like the stick and buttons.