Stick durability

hey ppl! My friend says the DC Agetec get broken in 2 days and strongly point the Happ-type of stick as the best and more accurate.

My question is:
1- How long does the DC agetec (and overall sticks just as Sanwa JLF) last?
2- How long a Happ stick last?
3- Happ vs Sanwa vs Seimitsu: accuracy and durability, who’s better?

I’ve had agetecs in the past and they work great. I had one for a whole year and I decided to take the gate off and thats when it broke. I think they’re pretty good sticks or maybe I’ve just had good luck with them. Everyone I know whos had one thinks the same. Did you friend get his used?

the lifetime on happs sticks depends on which one. The competition will only last for about a year or so without replacing the parts. That stick really depends on what you play on it. I played 3s on it for a while and it was working fine. It was only when I picked up marvel again it started to really fuck up. That stick has switches on it. I guess if you bought extra switches for it and exchanged them regularly it would work.

as for accuracy and durability, you cant go wrong with a p360. My friend has had his for over a year and my other friend had one for 3 years. They’re optical joysticks and probably by far the most accurate. I’ve heard stories about people saying they dont work well but all the top marvel players play on a p360.

I think sanwas and seimetsus are swtich activated and if that is the case, they will go bad in time. All switch activated sticks will, although I think the japanese ones will last alot longer than the american ones.

I like sanwa type of sticks for games like 3s but I gotta have a p360 for marvel.

Agetec’s are sturdy, your friends don’t know what the hell they are talking about. Happ sticks are bat top sticks, and you will have to find a used custom, buy a custom, or get a horrible electronics MAS.

Happs sticks and buttons do last a while i had like 30 buttons and 2 sticks for like 2 years now and only now have i noticed that the response is not the same as when i started using it, but the problem is fixed once you replace the micros then the are as good as new:wink: :wgrin:

My own sticks use Happ supers and I just replaced my first microswitch last weekend, 3 years after they were installed. That’s just a single 2$ switch roughly every 2 years, let’s say.

Does anyone know if you can put a seimitsu stick in a green goblin? If so which model number should I put in?

all about modding the Agetec.

Thank you :), you’re a big help ParryPerson.

oh thank you for your opinions.
I still think sanwa,seimitsu>all generic bat-top sticks. I took a look at that p360, it seems to be very accurate.
Well, my friend still thinks bat-top sticks are supreme, he also consider you guys as low level players

edit. the LS32 is too short when mounted that way.

I agree the an ls32 would sit far too close to the top of the stick, try an ls55 if you want seimitsu.
The only problem I have seen with agetechs is the PCBs go a little crazy over time, having said that it took 8 years for mine to die.

Your friend is a bit of a plank isn’t he?
The p360 can be very accurate but unfortunately the sensors can often be off by a fraction of a degree, making one diagonal easy to find and another very hard.
It is widely considered throughout professional play that a square gate ball top stick JLF/LS32 is the most responsive accurate and reliable stick you can buy.


yea the diagnols are like that. i recently just got one and its kinds tricky to find DB sometimes.

I read somewhere that if you use a 13.5 mm actuator it eliminates that problem. Anyone know if theres some truth behind this?

P360’s can NOT EVER BE WIRED CORRECTLY with a PS PCB hack, it’s just not possible. Considering the flaky nature of the stick already, it would be wise to look elsewhere.

Imagine sensors, touchy ones, that are either to weak, or to strong. The new P360’s are even more stricter than before.

If you’re gonna be playing mostly console, balltop is great, even if you play bat in the arcade. Bat tops in general have longer throws, so in THEORY, balltops are “better”, but it all comes down to what you like to feel under your hands, you can learn to do any top tier game level thing on both, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

this acts very good

what’s better between those?
1- bat-top arcade vs ball-top stick
2- bat-top arcade vs ball-top arcade
3- bat-top stick vs ball-top arcade
4- bat-top stick vs ball-top stick

well, considering arcade as the machine, fixed. Stick as mobile, such as HRAP, custom sticks.

ok listen, happ parts are the same in the cabinets as are the ball tops.

You can’t keep thinking ball top and bat top.

HAPP = American BAT style.

Sanwa/Seimitsu = Jap BALL top style.

It just depends on what you want to feel, you can’t ask people to tell you what you like.

1- Happ cabinet vs Sanwa/Seimitsu cabinet
2- Happ cabinet vs Sanwa/Seimitsu controller
3- Happ controller vs Sanwa/Seimitsu cabinet
4- Happ controller vs Sanwa/Seimitsu controller

I ask this because my friend insists his happ-like stick (not happ parts, some generic ones), fixed with velcro in a table is way better than a DC Agetec

again, your friend is a plank.

lol. Kid. You asked the same question twice.

One stick won’t last longer than the other. Just get what you like. Your friend is an idiot if he thinks happs last longer than balltops and that balltops fail in “2 weeks”.

He’s an idiot. Stop asking silly questions.