Stick error or glitch in ssf4

not so sure where to post this but

glitch or stick error

I have a madcatz tournament stick 8 button layout

sakura trial 17

    * jump hp
    * crouch lk lk
    * ex shououken

I get light punch output when I hit the lp+mp+hp after the 2 crouching low kicks...

it only seems to happen when ive done 2 crounching low kicks.... even when she preforms a light punch the attack display shows only lp+mp+hp!?!

ive messed arround with turbo but when I hold it in standing or crouching I never get a lightpunch....but when I hit 3x punch button after 2 light kicks I get a lightpunch with a 3xpunch display :S (3xP = fierce and not light but I get a light punch)

C. User Error.

:stuck_out_tongue: but when I press PPP after the 2 crounchng lk’s and dont touch any of the other buttons and I get a light punch eventhough the attack display shows PPP.
Ill make a video when I can get a hold of a camera

//edit double post

And yet if you do the same thing with only one crouchind lk, the ex shouken will work everytime. Still want to blame the stick or game?
**C. User error. **
Start reading through threads in the SF4 section. Your stick works fine.

Im just wondering why I get a LP when I dont even touch any input that would give me a Light punch… im not good at streetfighter but im not blaiming anyone or anything… id like the fix the problem if it is in any case stick related… ill make a vid asap to show im getting an LP out put when I press PPP and the attackdisplay shows PPP

You aren’t listening. I know with 100% certainty that you are pressing down LK, down LK, dragon punch PPP, and seeing a jab come out instead of the shouoken; no need for a video or a reply that you’ll make a video. You also aren’t listening to the OTHER thread that you made on the subject where folks have been kind enough to tell you both WHY you see the jab, but also how to change your inputs to the combo works. You can choose to ignore them, that’s fine. I choose to ignore you. Your stick is fine, and anyone in TechTalk will agree with me. If you want to continue to not listen, do so in your other thread and leave this one to die.

is it because if I do the 3xPPP to fast after a lk it put in a lp because its to fast to be able to do a HP after a lk?

lol I get it now… I feel so stupid… thanks for being patient for a nub like me toodles… Im hard headed and kinda clueless with game mechanics :frowning:

Link vs Combo. You can not do a special move after a lk, lk combo. It needs to be a lk, lk link in order to execute the srk. Its like Bisons lk, lk, lk, sk. Basically, do your LK’s slower. But this is not tech talk since your stick is working fine… maybe someone can move this to the dojo or sakura talk.