Stick extension


About to make my first stick, I was wondering what do you do if you think the stick itself is too short? How do you lengthen the stick itself?

thank you.

btw I got some good help from modchipman, really good customer care.

add a nut, to make balltop slighty higher. Switch to battop

I get emails about this all the time on my yahoo account.

If you’ve built the case properly there’s no reason why the stick should be too short.

In other words, build a new case. :wgrin:


What if just naturally he wants a longer shaft (no homo)? Maybe his hands are bigger, etc. Larger balltops aren’t probably the answer either. I’m actually wondering the same.

[Insert eXtenze joke here]

Look for one of these and you should be good.

This Luigi guy in Germany makes custom Shafts.
Stainless steel, and drilled through for using LED.

Maybe can get custom length?
Maybe is same as from

Here is:
LED page seems to be down though.

Then there is Franco from ArcadeControls.
He does super cool custom stuff.
Custom Shafts too.

Here is a recent work: