Stick feels ... dirty?

So, I’ve had my HRAP3 for 1.5-2 years or so and sometimes when I move the stick I feel like there’s some dirt inside the gate, I can play just fine but sometimes it doesn’t feel smooth… I dunno if it’s my imagination or should I take it apart to clean it… I lurked and if I understand correctly I have to lube it and/or replace the string. Should I do that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Take it apart, clean it and apply some fresh silicone grease.

Besides at times feeling dirty it sometimes feels too… loose?.. so should I replace the spring too? And do you have step-by-step introductions? Because I’d hate to take it apart and not know what to do or fuck it up by cleaning it the wrong way.

Joystick Controller - Joystick Components

To take it apart, pry off the E-ring with a small flat screwdriver.
Clean the pivot with an alcohol cloth.
Apply fresh silicone grease.

There is no string.

oops, I meant to say spring lol. Where, how and how much do I need to apply silicone grease to? Do they sell silicone grease in shops? Because I’m really new to this stuff lol.

Here is what you need for grease, yes it is expensive. One tube should last you a lifetime. Dow Molycoat 44 Joystick Grease, 150g Tube Cheaper than the Shin-Etsu grease listed in Sanwa catalog I got. ¥3,500 it cost me.

Also, I’d look into replacing the pivot cylinder, not just the spring. I have found that to also be a problem with looseness before, and it will also ensure to get any of that dirt out.

That white thing on the shaft is a pivot cylinder. It is what is the part that slides, and it is where you will apply the silicone lubrication. Replacing it would also clean out any dirt on it. You can order from lizard lick. Sanwa JLF-P-4 Pivot Cylinder
Naturally, a spring helps give it some bounce back, too, so here is a spring: Sanwa JLF-SP Spring

Here is how to take apart joystick:

I like to insert small screwdriver to pull out the E-ring holding it together:

Give it a twist to slide it out.

After you remove it, everything will fall apart into this (minus the mounting plate, main body, restrictor gate, and TP-MA PCB, which can stay mounted in the arcade stick, so you don’t have to take it out to do this fix):

Now, slide on fresh pivot cylinder, if you so choose, and apply lubricant to it. Then it is ready to be put back:

I forgot the shaft cover and dustwasher when I did this. It’s okay, though. Just remember to put them back on later.

Now replace the spring cover. This is the spring cover:

Make sure the flat side goes towards the pivot cylinder, the small side will be going outwards.

Slide on, like so:

Now time for replacement spring:

Place in joystick:

Now, finally for the actuator, it is the big plastic piece:

Push down like so, because you have to place the E-ring back (But don’t slip! The spring could make the actuator fly away!)

WHile it is being held down, replace e-ring back where it came from. There is a groove in the shaft for it:

Then snap it back in. You can do this with your fingers, or you can use some pliers to help pinch it closed.

Replacement done.

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Nice guide, much better than the exploded views Happ likes to do for their parts.