Stick fell, left microswitch not working?

Alright, so I was at a party last night and someone tripped over my stick’s cord bringing down the stick and a glass of delicious ginger ale. Immediately I snatched it up but sadly it fell face down and now it’s giving me some shit. So there’s some slight liquid damage and an impact. At first there was a microswitch that didn’t click so i opened it up and messed around with it until it clicked again. This may have been a bad idea, I only have a rudimentary understanding of arcade stickology. The buttons all work to be expected but now after i “fixed it”, the stick is being weird. It refuses to register down back, sometimes registers back and always registers up back… This makes no sense to me as this implies that all the switches work yet some won’t work together? This is a a modded fighting stick 3 with a JLF. Also, the turbo light won’t go on anymore but I don’t give a crap about turbo. So yeah.

Can this be fixed without buying anything? If not, what should I get? If you need any additional background info, feel free to ask. I appreciate any insight thanks.

Question 1: What did you do to try to fix it?
Question 2: Is there an easy way to show pics of the guts of the stick?

In theory, liquid damage shouldn’t be a big deal for the stick. I’d be looking to see if there’s any physical gunk in there.
Since you did a stick swap - can you try putting the old stick back in (or just connect it) and see if that works?

I think liquid can do something. Don’t get me wrong we all know arcade parts are durable, but not THAT durable. If a guy purposely puts soda under the dustwasher of a joystick will the stick keep working? Probably not.

  1. I unscrewed the top of microswitches and literally fiddled around with it, clicking the red things with my finger. I did this because at first one microswitch (down) didn’t click at all but I got it to start clicking again.

  2. Yeah, I can show pics. What do you need specifically? They would be low quality phone pics though :frowning:

Also, I bought this as is, no old stick and no access to one.

Yes, yes it would work fine actually, unless the liquid was so plentiful as to submerge the PCB completely and short out something important.

It sounds like you probably have a loose ground wire somewhere, so a pic of the wiring around the stick and of the harness would be a good first step

I removed the restrictor plate beyblade thing, btw.

Well, make sure you put the restrictor plate back, because using the joystick without one will cause it to break (most likely, a microswitch will detach from the PCB).

I know that, I’m not actually using the stick right now. Just letting everyone know that I have one and I wasn’t using the stick like that.

I was mostly making sure you hadn’t removed it after the purchase and used it like that.

Yeah, I see how it could’ve been taken that way. No worries. :tup:

Even then, at just 5v, it would take some pretty fragile components, and it should be completely fine electrically if it’s allowed to dry out before it’s plugged back in unless your soda of choice is something Goldschlager. (Some old electronics were cleaned by putting them in a dishwasher - not recommended for joysticks.) Since the stick doesn’t smell wierd, I’m going guess that the soda is a non-issue.

“It sounds like you probably have a loose ground wire somewhere, so a pic of the wiring around the stick and of the harness would be a good first step.”

Also, check to see if anything mechanical is loose. Just take your finger and gently jiggle stuff around the stick. None of it - except the wires - should move. If it hit stick first when it fell, something could have been knocked loose.

If the stick fell face-down it’s possible the impact ruined the switch. I had this happen to me. :frowning: It’s also possible soda got inside the switch and is preventing it from functioning properly.

You can pick up a new JLF microswitch board from for $10 or $12 … super easy to replace, and since you’ve got the restrictor plate off, you’re 90% of the way there anyway.

shouldn’t I just buy the one single microswitch to replace the one that’s giving me trouble?
unless anyone can pinpoint what’s wrong…

You could absolutely replace the microswitch, lizardlick sells them.
You’re going to have to solder it into place though (Not sure if you have an iron and whatnot). Otherwise you could buy the entire switch assembly (all four switches on the pcb) and just pop it in.