Stick for left handers!

Are there any left handed stick users out there?

Would you guys recommend getting a “left handed” custom stick or just go with a normal type?

I’m sorry if its been discussed, couldn’t find any thread.

Since (I assume) you’re not used to playing on any stick, it really won’t matter much. Just go with a regular set up. Both hand have to learn something new anyway. My two cents.

If you aren’t extremely competitive then feel free to have a left handed custom stick made so you will feel more comfortable; just keep in mind that if you ever go on to play more seriously, you will be at a disadvantage on arcade machines and would basically have to relearn the key layout of a right handed stick vs a left handed stick. Personally if I were you I would atleast try things on a normal layout such as the Hori ex2, so you have a cheap stick to get the feel for it. If that doesn’t feel right to you after a couple weeks of play, then perhaps you should go with a custom left handed stick

There are no left anded sticks that are mass produced. You’d have to make a custom or you could always play "cross-handed"or learn how to play the normal way.

Yarieos: Yeah, but I guess it’s better to be at a disadvantage at the arcades than at home where I will be doing most of my gaming.
But I am actually wondering if maybe left handed players could have an advantage on the normal setup…

jeenyus1: I have a custom stick being made for me. I might get another one as well.

Stupid idea.

I’m left handed, it’s not even sort of an issue. If the rest of the world can do it, you can too.

An arcade stick isn’t exactly the most natural controller off-the-bat. People have to get used to it. So you could just get used to a normal stick, right?

Also, i’ve heard of some people just flipping their hands around, holding the stick with their right hand and putting their other hand either under or over it, cross-style. You might want to explore that.

Finally, if you have a 6-button classic layout stick, with 3-buttons in a straight row, i suppose you could concievably rewire the stick upside-down and just flip the whole controller around, right?

I did watch old Darkstalkers tournament footage of Daigo playing on a leftie stick.



I like the part where the clip is flipped.

A person that is left handed should have a cordination advantage over a right hander on a typical stick at the beginning. You write with your left, so I’d expect that joystick motions would be easy to master with your left. I’m left handed, it would take me a long time to learn joystick motions with my right.

Also, my right still learned button control easily. I can rc in cvs2 and piano key pretty easily.

tbh I think the standard stick layout was probably invented by a left hander - precise movements are needed with your left hand, button presses with your right - surley if you were a right hander comming up with one of the first arcade stick layouts you’d have this the other way round?

I classify myself as a confused leftie. There are things I do left handed, and other things I do right handed. Some things that I can either way, and some things that I can only do one way.

For the most part, I do things left handed like writing and reaching out for something. For sports I’m mostly right handed except for skateboarding (100% goofy foot). Although I do strange things in some sports. For baseball, I throw left handed, but bat right handed. For Basketball I dribble left handed, but shoot right handed.

Now I wonder if you are heavily dominant with your left hand or not. I’d say that if you are using the mouse with your right hand, then I’m pretty sure you could do without a leftie stick.

I’m left handed and never found it a problem, ofcourse I have been playing on arcade sticks for over 23 years.

There was a guy at this years EVO playing with a keyboard stick with a lefty set up. He was really good as well, he was Ryu and pulling off moves with ease…

I’m left handed…and I play regular joysticks fine.

I never understood the issue of how that can be a problem, since I’ve seen people play x-crossed as well.

Gummowned: Yeah, I am mousing with my right hand. Come to think of it I do think that’s a slight handicap for me from DotA, Counter Strike etc experience.

Other than on the mouse, my left hand has full authority.

My friends would be pissed off if I bought a lefty stick. They would have to do cross-overs. Ahh, the justice!

The best solution is if the game itself had an option to switch the stick config to a lefty mode. That way you wouldn’t need to construct a lefty specific stick.

if you have a SE or TE, just rotate the pcb 180 degrees and use the straight button layout. It might be a little akward with the cable towards you, but i think it would work.

play seth style
dragon style

I’m left-handed, its never been an issue. I’d do much worse if I was trying to do stick motions with my right hand.

wow thats crazy lol
im left handed, i never thought there was a left handed stick until now

we lefties are forced to learn the right handed ways sometimes :frowning: