Stick for Mame


Hi, I’m looking to get a stick for a PC to play Mame on. I’ve read on here that the x-arcade products are lousy for fighting games, but they’re ok for Mame. I do like the 2 player side-by-side controllers for that arcade feel (although the button layout does suck). My question is whether there are alternatives that I should consider. I am willing to spend more $75/controller if the additional quality/accuracy is worth it.

I read in the “WHAT STICK/CONTROLLER SHOULD I BUY?” thread that the Mad Catz SE series $59.99 is a good. However, I’m not sure if they would work well with Mame on a PC. Also, I haven’t been able to find them at the price mentioned.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Do you want American style controls, or Japanese? Are you willing to build an enclosure?


Thanks for the reply. American.

Most likely I won’t be building an enclosure. I’m horrible with tools, but my dad has his own wood workshop in his garage with various tools/saws/etc. If it’s not too much work for him, I may be ok with asking him. Otherwise, I’d just rather buy one already put together.


The only stick I know of that uses Happ/iL style sticks are the Nubytech SF 15th anniversary or the MK ones.
I have one with Happ/iL and a ps360+ pcb. It works great on PC and it is pretty beefy. (Big)
You should be able to find one second hand somewhere.


There aren’t many off the shelf American style arcade controllers on the market at this point. Fortunately for you, building a panel for American style controls is comparatively easy due to the parts being designed for thick wooden panels, not to mention cheaper (at least for the levers themselves). I would recommend using iL parts (rather than modern Happ parts or some other knockoff) and an I-pac/mini pac (assuming you go with a 2 player build). Lots of useful information here:


After googling and ebaying i couldn’t find any used Nubytech sticks for sale.

I’ll talk with my dad about getting his help to build one. Is there a place that has shopping list for the buttons, board, stick, etc? I’m guessing the kits I found on ebay aren’t ideal:

If it’s too much work, I may just get the x-arcade.


Paradise Arcade shop


If you only want MAME, i would got with an Ultimarc Ultrastik. You get the feel of a US stick with the quality of a Japanese stick. The PCB can connect and control up to 8 buttons and the lever is a completely customizable Hall effect lever.


He should be able to crank out the case in less than an hour and you could spend several days on the painting while the parts arrive.


Looks like those kits have Chinese buttons and levers, I’d avoid them.


BTW don’t buy the x-arcade. Find a stick builder near you. You can get a lot more controller for the same amount of money.