Stick For MVC2

I can’t find this anywhere in the thread.
I have three sticks that is ready to be mod: Hori T5, Hori Ex2, and a Saluabi. my question is which of these three will be best suited to mod for mvc2 and what arcade parts are best them.

Use the Saluabi and stick Happ parts in there. Marvel just isn’t Marvel if it isn’t with Happ stuff. Stick a P360 and comp buttons along with whatever pad you like and you’ll be good to go. This is assuming that the Saluabi can use Happ parts since I know the ex2 can’t and the T5 would require some very heavy modding.

You can play on anything, and you should really play on what’s most comfortable for you.

If you’re dead-set about creating/having a very classically “Marvel” stick without buying or building an entirely new one, I agree with Sazae. I would recommend modding the Saulabi as well, as long as the angle of its buttons doesn’t bother you. (Personally, that slope has always put me off, but I know some people love it.) Compared to the other two sticks, the Saulabi will be leaps and bounds easier to get the parts you want into. I think you should be able to swap your buttons right in, and I think the stick should work just by drilling a few holes.

In terms of selection of parts, the long-time preference of the majority of the competitive Marvel scene has been for good Perfect 360 joysticks with Happ Competition pushbuttons (arranged in the classic American layout, but that Saulabi will do). Comp buttons are delightfully crisp: responsive and springy. A good P360 is tough, stiff, long-lived, noiseless, consistent, accurate, and perfectly circular.

I specified “good” because a lot of P360’s actually are not that great (it’s had a crazy manufacturing history) and you really need to make sure you get a good one to make it worthwhile. However, apparently finding/restoring/modding yourself a good P360 can be difficult and expensive. P360’s also require a power line or power source to hook them up to; it’s not too complicated, but it’s an additional hurdle nonetheless. Many people just don’t want to go through all the energy and effort and cost and time and trouble.

The most popular P360 substitute–as well as the second most popular, period–is the Happ Competition joystick. It has also seen some ugly times but its “bad” ones are never that bad, its good ones are way more common, and it’s really easy to turn a bad one into a good one. They’re also wayyy cheaper, and brainless to hook up properly.

I’ve heard that Perfect 360s, while fantastic quality, eventually die. Is this true? If true, I would personally got with the iL competition since it is cheaper and will last longer.

the way p360’s work also makes them more prone to going out of alignement. I stick with triedand trued competition sticks