Stick for PC

I found this stick

The price is good but I dont no about the else. buttons , the stick etc etc

Wondering if any stick modders or poeple with a knowledge about this care of thing would help me out with some advise on this stick or another stick.


( btw my games for window user is jpb123 add me :smile: )±+Accessories--HORI+(U.S.A.)++INC-_-74179003

its the best bang for ur buck asides from a te stick. stick to xbox360, ps3 sticks seem to bug out on certain nvidia motherboards.

Check out the first post in the noobie thread of tech talk.

Do this. Nothing else.

That website is run by a very well trusted member of the SRK community.

It is huh? I did not know this, what would trigger it as so? I’ll delete my post because I am not trying to slander anyone’s name especially someone from this community… sorry for the misunderstanding.

That stick has, as far as we know, the only PCB that supports both PS3 and XBox 360 at the same time, out of the box (no pad hacking).

As for modding, check out laugh’s (same guy who owns the site) thread here.