Stick for PS4


So I’m currently using an old beat up SfxT 360 stick. I want a new stick that is PS4 compatible. I was looking into the RAP 4 Kai but I’ve now read it has nearly a full frame of input delay. I really wanted to dive into the Hori parts as I’ve heard great things. So what should I do? Do I get it anyway and ignore the fact that there is about a frame of delay, in comparison to my stick with less than half a frame of delay? Or do I buy the stick and replace the PCB? Perhaps buy a Madcatz TE2+ and replace the parts? Any advice would be great.


The newer Hori HRAP4 was released the ones with matte buttons. It might have solved the pcb delay, but no one confirmed yet.


Find a minty stick ps3 or360 for cheap on Craigslist, throw a brook ps4 or universal board in it. Get whatever stick you want, the hori isn’t bad, just felt really loose after acouple of months. But maybe it’s due to me using a ls38 lately. As for the buttons, I know everyone is different. I’m not a fan of sanwa buttons, I’m a seimitsu guy. But I would recommend sanwa over the kuros any day. Kuro just feel cheap to me, didn’t like the feel when activating them. Just replaced my buddies Kuros with black clear sanwas, he kept the hyabusa.
If your not a hands on person maybe just wait for them to confirm if that ps4 sticks delay issue was resolved.

Sorry for the long post I’m super bored


Ahh yea, someone told me the buttons are a bit loose when put in a sanwa stick. I might just put my sanwa buttons in it that I currently own, but I need a new stick regardless as mine is physically breaking (the casing) from heavy usage. I thought since I had the money I’d just get me some thing nice so I could stop being reminded of the world’s biggest blunder (SFxT). I know I could just buy a new case, but I wanted the Hyabusa/Kuri anyways. So if the input delay isn’t going to be an issue then I guess I will just get it. A friend told me with all the different things that cause delay already, I probably won’t notice much. Between monitor, the stick, the game, the online connection, I probably won’t really notice it.


I have one of the newer hori’s and you don’t even notice the delay if there even is one compared to the other sticks. In addition to all of the stuff you mentioned just the delay in reacting to seeing something is 15 frames for the average person.


Well thanks for the tip. Can anyone confirm if the current one for sale on Amazon is the new one? It looks like the one on the Hori website, but as we know amazon products sometimes aren’t the newest version.


It doesn’t look like it. The ones with the newest PCB will have a 4/3/PC toggle switch. The one from hori’s US store seems to have it though.


This one?

It says "Touch Panel, Turbo function, Button Configuration Mode, and Input Toggle Switch"
So no?


Yeah if you zoom in on that last image of it on amazon, the switch looks like it’s only labeled 4/3. The version 2 one that arcade shock is selling may be the newest one since it has the newer hayabusa/falcon buttons and they may just be using an old image of the side panel. I’d email them and check before ordering one though.


I cant tell. The picture looks the same on the Hori website. I may just buy it from Hori to be safe. Thanks for the tips.


Well when I finally got money the new rap4 kai was gone. Wound up with a silent. It is the old PCB but I cannot feel a difference on PC. I have to test on PS4 now. But it feels amazing.