Stick for right handed operation?

I’m looking to either modding an existing stick, or getting a custom one made up. The main reason is I want to use it right handed.

I currently have a Hori Fighting Stick (original PS one, modded with Sanwa buttons) but the stick is too close to the buttons for comfortable crossed arm operation.

It seems like I either need a stick with a fair gap between the stick and buttons, or one with a stick on either side of them. Or, maybe a symetrical button layout so I could just rotate the stick 180 degrees.

I really need six main buttons, with some more at the top/side for start/select etc.

I’d really appreciate some feedback on this idea. Are there are suitable sticks I could mod? Otherwise, what about suitable layouts?

Or should I just give up and get used to left handed operation? :wgrin:

All the premade sticks I can think of have a slant to them, so turning them around would be awkward. Your best bet is definitely to get a custom made.

Custom is always FTW. Anything else sucks.

hrap2 with sanwa buttons, vshg.

i believe on TMO’s you can change the top panel. so i would talk to him about buying a case from him and getting a leftty top plate for it from him.

please correct me if im wrong tmo

You could always do like Seth Killian does and cross your hands over :smiley:

I just finished my stick with sanwa 24mm buttons on the left and a happ Comp on the right so I don’t need to crossarm, mostly cause I felt noobish thinking about asking this q. Custom is the way to go, cause you can get the spacing just right for you.


please tell me u mean 30mm

Well, you could always mod a commercial stick like HRAP, which has a flat surface and rotate the sanwa PCB (not ps2) then reassign the buttons. The weird thing is that with this setup the PS2 cord is going backwards (towards you) rather then forward (toward the console). If you don’t like that drill a hole and make the cord go in the right direction…

No. 24s. I like the tighter grouping I can get with them. That’s why it’s custom, right? :rofl:

Sorry, not been getting replies from this form by email for some reason…

Looks like custom is the way to go. Looking at the options, there are not many suitable sticks to mod. It would really have to be something with buttons in a row, rather than curved round. Curved buttons obviously don’t reverse or work well with crossed arm play.

Thing is, I am right handed, so I want a right handed joystick. Can someone explain why left handed sticks seem to be the norm? It seems illogical - surely you want more most dexterous hand doing the most dexterous task, leaving the left hand to do simple button presses.

I’d hate to do the button inputs for roll canceling with my left hand.