Stick for sale


i’m sellin my MAS 360 and dreamcast if anyone is interested. the stick is less than a year old and in good condition. the only reason i’m gettin rid of it is b/c i’m goin away for school so i won’t be usin it anymore. make me a fair offer and it will be yours. i live in seattle. i can give it to you b4 or during the northwest majors.



You think you’d sell it for $50?


I am interested. I would want to try it out first though.


I r interested.


sorry guys. i sold it already


Fuck. I need a stick, badly.


For the PNW Majors? PM me and I could get one for you pronto if need be…


If I don’t get anything worked out for the tournament, well, shit. I’ll have to rent it for somebody - buy you a drink afterwards. :confused:


The kid is 14. This sounds like a pedo-bear case.




If by 14, you mean 18, then yeah, totally a pedo case.