Stick for Third Strike on PS3


So due to Gamestop selling my reserved TE sticks, I had to end up buying two Standard Edition sticks.

I now know how crappy they are, but whatever, making due.
I recently purchased a 60g PS3 and a copy of Third Strike.

The game plays fine, good. Yet, the SE sticks do not work with 3rd Strike. They do work in general and on SF4.

Anyway to my question.
Is there any PS3 sticks that anyone knows for 100% that works work for playing PS2 version of 3rd Strike on the PS3?


Does anyone know if a PS2 to PS3 controller adapter will work with the PS2 Street Fighter stick on my PS3?

I have searched Google and the net and have yet to find any answer. Through my searching I found (and thought) this would be one (if not the) of the best places to ask.



the hrap3’s work fine.

also, you shouldn’t have settled for 2 SE sticks. should’ve gotten your money back and went elsewhere.


^^ I should have. But I wanted to play and did not want to wait any longer than I already have. Trust me, lesson learned for next time. Hence me asking for help now rather than running out and buying a new stick without knowing much.


yea, it’s just with 2 SE sticks, the costs of you having to replace the buttons/joystick in the future will end up costing a lot more.

but like i said, any of the hori real arcade pro’s should work on a backwards compatible PS3.
here’s an amazon link:

hrap3-sa (recommended) comes with all sanwa parts, screws at the top so you can easily access the guts. $119. w/o shipping in US

hrap3 (i personally own) comes with sanwa joystick. Hori buttons. buttons are said to crap out after a couple months, i replaced mines with sanwas. $90 w/o shipping.

if i could go back and do it again, i’d probably have bought the SA.
i ended up buying new buttons, new top loaders from tek-innovations and everything came out to cost more than the SA.


thanks for the input. Honestly, I would replace those sticks before I try to replace its parts. I have a coworker that has a HRAP3 stick. So I will get to know for sure tomorrow.


None of the Mad Catz Arcade FightStick work with PlayStation 2 games for Backwards Compatible PlayStation 3.
Sony just didn’t give support for the Mad Catz.

Only HRAP 3, HRAP 3 SA, HRAP 3 SE will work.
The new HRAP V3 SA and HRAP 3 Premium VLX will not.

Also, none of the PS2 to PS3 Converters will work for your SFAC Arcade Stick if it is the +8V and +7.5V kind.
It needs to be the +3.5V to work.

Well I’m just saying none for +8V and+7.5V just to say whatever.
There is only one work for +8V and one work for +7.5V PCB.
There are five that work for +3.5V PCB.


You should know that playing fighting games on backwards compatible PS3s is really not the way to go. The emulation adds 2-3 frames of input lag.


The SE or TE doesn’t even work for PS1 games that you can download off of the PSN network.


^ they work for me.