Stick Grip


So i’ve been using this new grip where the shaft is placed inbetween my ring finger and my palm facing up, and the back of my hand facing down, but i notice after about, 15 - 20 minutes of playing, my knuckles start to get really sore from my handing resting on the artwork, have you guys got any suggestions to help me out?


try a new grip. if it doesn’t feel comfortable than don’t hold it that way. I don’t know why the back of your hand is resting on the stick? It should be held up on the side. I hold it between my ring and pinky fingers with the other three fingers to move the joystick.

shows you many ways to grip. there are more, but these seem to be used more. I grip like the first one except for the thumb being on top as i have it on the side to grip as well


According to Daigo, #6 is his preferred way of playing.


Who cares what Daigo uses imo… I’m left handed and it feels awkward as fuck… I mean I can play competently with any grip… but could someone give tell me some advantages to using that one… I don’t see it…

His execution is good because he’s played fighting games since the early 90’s, hold the stick however you like… it takes practice to improve execution…


i guess i use #6 then lol. looks weird but its actually very comfortable


Listen. I hav the perfect grip for you. Hear me out, it’s called the “nysus” style…Grip
#7 I developed this style back in 1999. I wish I was left handed my execution would be stronger. I have yet to master this grips natural-Ness. But it should feel natural for a lefty…


I hav to been known to hav a very high level of Execution. For cvs2 I can roll cancel 360’s,half circle’s ,fire balls,dragon punch and charge motions. With 90% accuracy. I also can play cammy in ssf4. Using cannon strikes to build super gauge.


Joke stopped being funny at this post… laughed at the first one… this, not so much…


But No defence actually has really good execution, believe it or not.


My grip is like umehara’s but the with pression of a fine pin. It might be the best style but you must use madcatz or some sort of japnese style stick… USA/mas stick is no good for this grip. Mvc2 mas player’s should keep doing there thing.


^After Japanese sticks can’t go back, Happ sticks don’t fit in TE in anyway…

Soooo… he can roll cancel 360’s??? I never learned the timing for most roll cancels with my little time invested in CvS2… if only it were more popular or rereleased… best fighting game ever next to ST…

EDIT: Well I’ll be damned… lol…


I think topics like this are silly. This is something that is all up to personal preference and comfort and yet someone will ask someone else how to be more comfortable.

I’ll tell you how, fuck around with it and figure out what suits you best. Its your fuckin’ hand, move it around till it gets comfy. wtf?

p.s. I start out with a wineglass hold but it changes as the rounds go on.


This is not a silly question it’s all about maximization and comfort. Hear…

Use your pointer finger, thumb and middle finger!

Make sure your middle is behind the shaft, pointer finger in front of the shaft.
Your thumb , and pointer finger should be on the ball.

Your middle finger should be under your thumb as a control base/ stabilizer… Ring finger and pinkey are your base.

It should feel natural. Treat the stick as If you were writing left handed. Use the stick like an flow tip ink pen. Your strokes should feel quick smooth with the ease of motion.


Use whatever the fuck is comfortable for you, using a grip that’s uncomfortable because a pro uses it is going to make you worse, not better. There is no “best” grip, it’s whatever is comfortable for you.

I can’t believe these threads get made…


It’s the “nysus” style grip # 7. I was Gonna keep it a secret. this is my gift to you lefty’s. Let the execution flood gates open.

Switch grips during match play is ok. As long as you go back 2 your grip after your desired movement is executed. It’s
like throwing a punch and then returning back to your on-guard stance…


Ironically enough I already use that grip lol, it felt the most natural and I couldn’t find that grip anywhere… changing grips is an impediment though…

Being semi ambidextrous helps me with button presses… if only I had better reaction times… pisses me off so much:mad:

The only game that has tempted me to play cross handed is Marvel vs Capcom 2: Rise of the Pringles…


Well i’m sure the way you do it is fine, but your mom grips the stick with both hands, stacked on top of each other, slightly cupping the fingers to put more pressure on the tips, while leaving a little tenderness in the middle, and just enough room on the end of the stick to use any other body parts she needs to to get the win. And trust me, she does it right.


That guide is beyond scrubby imo.

The best way to hold a stick is the way that is most natural to you. If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong.


Stick with it… It will pay off. I knew I was not the only one with that pen grip style, I must learn marvel too btw Peace.


Listen, here’s what you do.

Sit down, put the stick in your lap, join a match and take your hand off the stick. When the match starts, go to do a move on reaction when somebody either walks towards/away from you or jumps in. After you execute that move, look at your hand, that’s most likely how it naturally went onto the stick and will feel most comfortable. Give that grip a try.

I don’t even think about it, my hand just flows into whatever grip is most comfortable for the move at hand, I don’t hold it in one position constantly.