Stick handling techique

learning to use a stick, slowly getting used to it.
one thing I’m still getting used to it is the constant click-click-click as the stick hits its directional indicators.

From watching live video of people playing it on joysticks though, I hear the click-click-click sound going on throughout the whole match, and whenever the camera zooms in on their hands, they’re gripping it with like kuncle down, palm up. I know everyone gets used to it differently and its just a matter of time, but I’m more visual. So how about some youtube videoclips of just your hand gestures and movements. during a typical SF4 match. (or any other fighting game really)

If anything, i think this would be an amusing topic on stick handling and habits…

who wants to show off their hands and model it for all to see? :bgrin:

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Post with video examples.


daigo’s hands

i don’t think watching someone else will really help you, it’s all practice really.


different angle of someone doing a yun combo.

It’s all about the angles (somehow that doesn’t sound right lol).

What works for me is I keep my palm 90 degrees to the stick. You have to be conscious of that angles as most people would grip it in a 45 degree angle.

Also depends on what stick you have. Do you use a sanwa stick? Those don’t take much movement for execution. As opposed to HAPP sticks which require more movement.

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That’s almost as funny as the sound those huge-ass professional (sanwa and such) sticks make. Every game sounds like “Round one…FI-CLACKCLACKCLACKCLAK-CLUNKADUNKADUNKADUNKA”. They all sound like pieces of trash, regardless of how good they are. Is someone ever gonna make a stick that’s silent, or at least so quiet that it doesn’t drown out the game it’s being used for?

Get an old Wico microleaf joystick if you care about quiet

ill post a pic but wouldnt want to get banned.

on the real not sure what stick hrap ex pro comes with but it doesnt make click noises. for button i find siemitsu being the quitest even though bottuns should be a problem with noise imo.