Stick have been sold, please disregard :)


Both sticks are slightly used but in great condition. I’m only selling because I have hundreds of TEs laying around and would like to get a dual modded stick for tournaments.

First one is a SF4 TE for PS3 from the first line when people were killing each other to get them. Original box included. $100 shipped.

Second stick is a MvC3 TE for Xbox360. This stick is barely used, I only got it to have something for 360 tournaments but I usually just borrow anyway. I don’t have the original box, but I will ship it in a SF4 TE box. $100 shipped.

Please feel free to ask questions or offer a different price. Thank you!

Edit: I’m willing to let these go at the reduced rate of $180 is someone buys both. That’s less than the price of one new stick, and I’m paying shipping!





I will get pics up when I can access my PC tonight :tup:


photobucket won’t save the resize of my pics. When I link them here there are too gigantic. tips?


use tinypic and resize for message board…


Thanks, pics are up. Also added reduced price if someone buys both.


I’m interested in the 360 MvC3 stick


Interested in the MvC3 stick


i like that ps3 0ne but im not willing to pay 100 who low would you go for the price i could do 60 to 90


Well when you consider that I’m paying shipping, you’re only paying like 80 already which is pretty standard for a TE. If you pm me your address, I can estimate shipping costs and see if I’m willing to go down even more. :tup: