Stick heights - opinions

Hi all, I read on slagcoin that the standard stick height for sanwa’s is 23-24mm from top of stick box to bottom of ball. I’m wondering how many people stick to this rule, or whether a few mm extra doesn’t matter too much. With the sticks I’ll be building I’ll be using JLW’s with a height from plate to ball of 36mm (only JLW’s available in Australia).

As such I’ll have about 30mm from top of box to base of ball. Will this cause issues with the stick? Or should it be ok?

Thanks all!

you cant hold it certain ways effectively if its shorter. if it is too tall i imagine it would be less comfortable to hold since you can’t rest your hand as well.

most people(stick builders) keep it from 22-25mm which is fine. if your going for a perfect arcade case you want it to be 23.3 or something like that.

Ok, So I may need to look at recessing it further. The box is currently about 55mm from top to bottom. I don’t think I want to go much thicker than that, but I notice the TE stick is 69mm. Can I really put 12mm of wood on top of the base plate of my stick & still have it work in a 24mm hole and feel ok? And is a 60mm box still comfortable to use in the lap?

The first stick that I made without looking up any designs (stupid) was 125mm high with about 18mm of shaft showing. This is clearly not a recommended design but was still just about playable on my lap, it was much more comfortable on the floor though!

Anyhow, stick height, 18mm is playable and to be honest didn’t feel much too short so I’d imagine you really wouldn’t want to go much above 25-30mm or it might feel awkward.