Stick Help 56k WARNING

Now I am reaching the final step in modding my stick. I first in stalled the Sanwa JLF

then got my semitsu buttons from LizardLickAmusements - Fast Shipping

then got me a bubble top green

So I’m almost ready to post pics of it. But one thing is missing. The stick art.
I made some art I made.I was wondering if y’all could help me decide.

Also tell me what I need to know to put the art on a modded “Mayflash Stick”

Things that will help try to answer these questions

-How to cut the right size?And How to cut , and what to cut it with?

-Will Kinkos do the cutting for you?

-What do you print it out on?What kind of paper?

How to get it to stick to the stick >_>?

and anything esle that has to do with putting stick art on a “Mayflash” or Any stick really


Definitely not Hogan,

my vote is either #3 or #5.

As for putting it on the stick, I’ll let the mod gurus handle that.

I think 3 may make the cut. The only problem is that my lower 3 buttons cover up “KAZE” The stick figure. I tmay need to be edited

3 is the only one with the correct aspect ratio. If you planning on putting on anything other than 3, they’ll be hyperstretched.

The last one looks best to me.

Yeah I might use the Daft Punk. Because I don’t have to worry about editing. just resizing

Well I talked to loborine today and he taught how to do put the stick art. All I have to do now is decide on one >_>