Stick Help Changing Parts (Im a Noob)

Hey Guys, Just a bit of advice i need really, the help will be when i actually buy the part, lol.

Ok so i’m looking to change the restrictor plate/gate on my SF4 TE Fight Stick.

ATM i Have 2 in mind:

I play as Ryu and am unsure which of these i would prefer.
Which of these do you prefer/play?
Is there any other gates you think i might be interested in?
Are both of these compatible with the TE Stick?

Thanks guys

Only Sanwa GT-Y will fit.
The Sanwa GT-0 is not made for JLF; made for JLW.

The octagonal gate should be compatible with the TE stick, but the circular gate is only compatible with the Sanwa JLW, according to the site.

I don’t see why you would want to change from a square gate when it’s pretty much the standard that most people play for most games. Some people choose octagonal and it would be an ok choice for a shoto player, but not that many people to use it.

My suggestion is at 6 pounds + shipping, especially if you don’t know if you prefer it, you probably just wanna stick with the square gate or buy the octagonal gate somewhere else if you want to try it out. Seriously, the TE stick without modication is the nearly the best money can buy and literally the best deal in the market.

Ok Thanks guys,
i think i’m gunna switch to the GT-Y because i do get caught on the corners a lot.

You say if i were to switch i should buy the octagnal gate somewhere else? You have any cheap delivery UK sites?