Stick Help....


I just got a stick (the WWE Brawlstick) new for dirt cheap off Amazon. However, the parts suck, so I’m going to mod it, but I have no idea which parts are the best? Sanwa or Seimitsu? What about ball tops vs bat tops? I know, Sanwa is sensitive with a big deadzone, etc, but what I want to know is which is best for big hands (bat vs ball), and which is best to have precise directional inputs (Sanwa vs Seimitsu). If that last one made no sense, I have trouble dashing and hitting directions with the standard stick and doing shoryukens (I can’t hit the directions easily). Can I still do QCFs easily on it?


Sanwa buttons feel more “sensitive”, but while I was learning I found I enjoyed the resistance of the Semimitsu buttons. If you like to slap buttons and mash out extra damage they might be a better pick. As for sticks I cannot state a huge preference other than bat tops require you to move more of your hand, and so after a while really start to tire my arm out, where a ball top lets me just flex my fingers.

If your stick has a square gate on it then things like :f::f:, :dp:, and :qcf: are going to be hard, but go into training mode and find out why they aren’t coming out right. Learning how to use a square gate for the first time is a little tricky - but the increased dexterity and range of movement really does help once you get comfortable with your stick.

And if you’re still learning: don’t worry about shitty parts. If the buttons work when you push them then worry more about confirming combos and learning fundamentals before dropping $50/$100 on parts or a new stick. Also make sure you can mod out that stick you bought, some cheaper sticks have stuff soldered to the board itself, making them a pain to mod.


Yeah, I’m kind of rough. I slap the buttons and most of the characters I use you can mash for extra damage. The stick I have is exactly the same as the SFIV SE, so it can be easily modded. I’m still learning, sure, but the problem is is that the stick gets stuck a little sometimes and the parts just aren’t too good. Besides I’d rather change now. What about Sanwa sticks or Seimetsu sticks?


For more details info on differences between various arcade stick parts, check out Tech Talk. They’ve got very informative stickies and posts that go pretty in-depth on the subject.

As far as which parts suit you, it’s entirely preference. The Sanwa JLF and Sanwa 30s are standard fare in just about every quality arcade stick nowadays, so you can’t go wrong with. Seimitsu buttons generally feel a bit stiffer and resistant, and the arcade sticks have a bit of a gritty feel, and a slightly smaller gate on some models.

They feel the same to all but a few experienced players, and you can’t go wrong with either brand. The ball tops are the most popular since most players feel like they have better control over the stick. Honestly, putting a bat top on a Japanese stick just feels really weird to me, and it never feels quite the same as a quality American bat top (early generation HAPPs, or the coveted Wicos)


Check out the arcade stick sticky and the stickies in tech talk.


Also check - it’s a bit out of date (has some stuff that doesn’t exist anymore listed, for one thing, plus a huge section on padhacking which is less of a thing with all the multi-console PCBs out there these days and the fading presence of past generations’ of consoles’ games), but it’s one of the best all-in-one sources about joystick parts and construction out there in spite of that.


I’m new to the FTG lark but I too bought a Brawlstick and put in a Seimitsu LS-32-01 as an all purpose stick so I can play shmups and run and gunners too. I like it for its short throw but it did take short while to get used to it and not be too heavy handed with it.

Haven’t bothered swapping out the buttons, they seem good enough to me to start out on.


Oh, so is the Seimitsu not as durable? Because I want to use my stick for beat em ups too, not just fighters.


It’s quite durable. TVR10 just mentioned that it has a shorter throw (meaning you don’t have to move the stick around as much), so it takes some getting used to.

Both the Sanwas and Seimitsus are great for a variety of games, so it’s not absolutely necessary to swap it out if you want to play schmups or beat-em-ups.


It’s quite durable aslong as you don’t push it hard into the microswitch as the fulcrum can lift slightly if you push it too hard. I would guess that it’s not so much build quality but the fact that it has a small throw and shorter shaft than the brawlstick’s original which that and the buttons are clones of EDIT SANWA parts (JLF??).

(IMO) Weither it’s better than popular EDIT SANWA sticks I think its depends on what gripstyle you use. With the vannila Brawlstick wineglass and fist of doom is more natural while with LS-32 I just rest my hand on plate and control the stick with 2 fingers and thumb. With the short throw I can very quickly cancel into QCF/QCB supers all day long, DPs and charge shots are much easier than the vannila brawlstick, 360s is the sticks Achilles heel.

The shorter throw makes playing other twitch based arcade games easier.


I’ve gotten used to the Brawlstick’s wineglass grip, but my main problem is that since it takes so long to activate the microswitches, it’s hard for me to hit directions, dash, and do Ultras. I get hand cramps whenever I want to pull of Ultras because I can barely do the motions. I’m just sitting there trying to do it and then I lose the match. Personally, I think the shorter throw will help with pulling them off. Really, I don’t mind not using wineglass (It’s most comfortable but I don’t like it very much…) and I don’t use charge characters. What about buttons?


I can’t say about buttons, but one thing I forgot to mention about the Ls-32 is that it has a square gate so it will have some of those problems Gordensbeard mention getting used to it. (I had to stop riding the gates)

But let me stress again that i’m not a big stick geek so I would hate it if you bought a ls-32 and hated it, however if your hand is cramping due to making big motions then a ls-32 might help in respect.


You also might be just “over doing” the motions. I remember when I first started SF4, doing a :qcf::qcf: was impossible to do consistently, my hand would cramp up after a while. Doing a FADC into Ultra? Forget it.

But as weeks go by you get more precise with your movements in ways you don’t even really notice at first, and a lot of it comes with just taking it slow. If you’re talking SF4 Ultras, you will be surprised just how long you have to get the two :qcf:s in before the buttons, so slow that I can now do all the ultras with one hand.


That might be it, it seems like I’m moving the stick alot to get the Ultras out. However, I think the shorter throw might help. I hope it’s better. I haven’t actually used either, I just know how the stock Sanwa ripoff stick is. How’s the deadzone? The big deadzone on the stock annoys me. Also, I don’t mind square gates, I actually want to use one.