Stick HELP

Are there any drills that you can do with a stick without playing a game? I recently bought one for Tekken and i’m on a 2 hr limit of games each day. Are there any drills i can do to practice the stick whilst not playing the game?



You need to be playing a game to practice execution.

But are there any other exercises at all I can do without playing a game?

Honestly, no. You need to be seeing and feeling what you’re doing. Blindingly moving the stick wont help you.

Okay guys thanks.

What prevents you from playing the game but still being able to sit down with the stick in your hands still?

My guess is his mom won’t let him play more than 2 hours a day.

I can think of a few scenarios, as I’ve kinda done it myself.

Regardless, everyone is right. You can’t really learn or practice a combo with just a stick. However, you might be able to improve some button techniques like, plinking, pianoing, or double tapping.

Alright, thanks for the tips. Also, yeah I have strict parents who prefer my education over gaming so I have a limit each day.

You have good parents then…