Stick Help!

hey guys, im looking to build a custom stick, but my problem is the base. im wondering where all you stick builders out there get your bases. i see a lot of wood and plastic ones. just asking where you got them or if you just built them yourselves. thanks!

Depends on what type of sticks you were looking at. If the sticks were modded, then they just used the existing stick but changed the parts. Otherwise, they created their own from wood, plastoc, aluminum, etc.

wow so like, home mad plastic casing??

thats nuts. i dont have the equipment for that. i have maybe the aluminum, wood, screws and nails haha

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Most of the plastic ones you see are premade commercial sticks that were heavily modded, ie. Hori FS, Ascii FT, T5, etc. Wood is good enough for the base.

The easiest way to build one is just to cut six pieces of wood and build a box.

Usually if you see a plastic case, it’s a premade/commercial/mass-produced/store-bought stick. Some can be modded easily, some with difficulty, and some not at all. Modding usually means swapping out the crappy stock parts for top-quality authentic arcade parts, but the term also applies to any sort of changes made: a paint job or new art, changing button placement, switching the circuit board and controller plug…

Very skilled custom builders will use one block of solid wood, partially hollowed, with metal plates inserted for mounting the parts. Aluminum is much less common but it definitely does get used.

By the way, just in case you didn’t know… building a stick will NOT be cheaper or better than buying a good one. You’ll spend double and your first attempt will suck. Build your own stick because you’re interested in building a stick. A kind soul already posted this some while ago, but I absolutely cannot overemphasize how true this is.

stick bases? i think it’d be better just to mod a commercial stick.

I’m working on my second home-made custom. This one is costing me easily twice what I’ve payed for a Koi custom stick. It’s quite true that you probably can’t build one for the price of buying one off a custom builder or moding one. I don’t suggest even trying unless it’s something you’d really like to do yourself.


probably cuz there are a few threads on stick building, Theres also a journal that Paik4life had kept. A quick forum search could have probably answered your questions.

Build it myself, there will be a sale on prebuilt blank boxes, so look out for that.

heh urth, i did do a quick search but didnt find what i was looking for, and im really new to this forum so im not familiar w/ Paik4life’s journal. but now that i know about it, thanks!

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hahahha i know, dunno who did it but thanks to whoever did