Stick Help

Hi, im a little confused I just ordered sanwa buttons 30/24 and a Sanwa JLF-TP-8T for my 360, mostly for 2d games like street fighter iv, sf2 hd, sf3 and I suppose tekken, would getting a GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate be better, or should i turn mine 45 degrees? also when hooking it all up for a six button layout should it go top left x, y, lb then bottem left to right a, b rb? and for the original wired xbox 360 pcb, i need to soldier the grounds too or one wire for each is good? some pictures i see it seems they have one wire that goes for each button?

thanks alot

Oh also to use the 360 wired pad with the jlf and JLF-H 5-Pin Wiring Harness all I need to solder is
I dont need to do any soldering on the back of the pcb or anything?

but im pretty sure I have an old model wired 360 controller, can anyone photoshop how i should do it with 6 buttons, xbox button and back and start?

should be mine, do i need to attach/solder anything on the back like the circled ones in the picture or just the front? so in all i need to solder 26 points for a,b,x,y up,dn.lf,rg start,back,xbox button, lb and rb?

Does this make sense for the older 360 pcb? do i need to solder anything on the backside too or thats it? and where do i connect the 5v to? and i guess i cant use the jlf 5-pin harness?

no one has any input?

I’m curious if the octagonal gate helps also, I ordered a 4/8 way octagonal gate anyways and figured if I didn’t like it I’d just switch it back to the four.

Are the new wired 360 pcbs the same as the new cq wireless ones? all commons are connected so theres no need for commons or grounds to be soldered? So every button just needs one wire soldered to it? and whats the 5v for? just to add lights or something, its not needed if I want a 9 button set up and no triggers being used?