Stick hype

I have heard alot of comments regarding the TE sick, both positive and some negative. It always comes down to Hori Vs Madcatz. From the looks of it, the TE is very popular ATM. Most players at Evo were using them. If Daigo and Justin feel confident enough to use em then it’s all good.

Cool thread.


im so glad you finally cleared this up for me. i was blind, but now i see… all thanks to you. THANK YOU spic!!

rough crowd, yeah i was bored. Just wanted spark some creative criticism. Well i quess i just got flame broiled, ha ha!

cool story bro

Domz, thats all i get are a few words for one of the best useless threads to come around in some time! I would expect some better sarcasm from a New Yorker considering im a native myself. Keep this alive, i look forward to an entertaining morning when i read the rest. Thanks guys well deserved

Prolly the most informative thing ive read all day…GOOD SHYT!

Do u know what kind of deodorant they use? Rather what deodorant they feel confident enough to use. Most players are evo sucked, from what i remember there was only one winner. The rest wasted their time.

quality not quantity holmes

By the way, Daigo was using both the TE stick and an HRAP

Daigo does not own a stick or console.

he could have used the wii mote to kick that losers ass.

Daigo doesnt really have hands.
Ive been helping him destroy competition all around the world using the “helping hands” technique which can be seen here [media=youtube]Z3vZCBf5tdI[/media]

What the Hell? At 0:45 did a guy in Fallout Power Armor just walk past?