Stick in SFAC ==?

As one forumer knows, I’d finaly gotten up the courage to mod my SFAC stick partially, and changed the buttons out, leaving the stick as-is for now (used concave for my ‘action’ buttons, and a couple convex from the X-Arcade for L/R).

Now, after looking at the little metal levers, I know those’re gonna stress sooner or later, and am looking at replacing the stick itself with a comparable Happ model.

The problem is, I don’t know what the equivalent to this clone is. I -LIKE- the feel, and having tried the Competition in an X-Arcade and being completely unable to do anything with it (even if it lags, I SHOULD be able to get motions off, if only later, right?), I know this is not an option.

So, which of the two remaining types would be better for this thing?

From Arcadestick monk’s guide, i believe he said that the stock stick in the AC, is a clone of the Happ Super:

So if you like the stock original, maybe you’d prefer putting a happ super in there.