Stick/input device issues with KOFXIII (PS3)

sorry if this has already been addressed, but i just fired this puppy up and for some reason the game isn’t responding to my stick at all. i can’t press start at the logo or navigate the menu. when i open the xmb, the stick works fine, and there aren’t any problems with other games. i thought the general thread wasn’t a good place to talk about this since other people might be having similar problems.


edit: nvm, this was even on the front page apparently. my converter is exactly what commonly causes the problem in this game (doesn’t have a home button). i still don’t get how the game software has anything to do with this, though. blech. knew i had a bad feeling in my gut when i took the plastic wrap off this thing.

Can i ask that the lizardlick’s ps3 cthutlu is working with kofxiii? thanks

Works fine with mine…

Thanks for help!

Or rather, worked fine… The 4 buttons I use for the game are all broken now.