Stick I've Never Seen BEfore

Anybody ever seen or heard of this stick. Was planing on doing a seimitsu mod with it.

They’re on eBay surprisingly often. I don’t think they’re anything special stock. A few people on here have modded them, but I don’t remember the details (how easily and with what).

They are actually pretty lousy stock. I remember they were only $20 at KB toys back when they were new.

The VERY RARE in the auction is funny, cause you can usually find one on ebay at any given time for around $10-15.

I have one, it’s fully plastic, the screws on top are simply for decoration. The holes need to be dremelled out slightly in order to fit Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons, screw in buttons work but it’s a pretty tight fit. If you use snap ins you have to be very precise when you widen the holes. Also be ready to sand the holes cause the dremel will melt the plastic and all the residue has to be sanded away.

Where the joystick mounts there are 4 plastic tabs about 1/2-1 inch high, those have to be cut out and then sanded down smooth. You’ll probably have to mount the stick with a mounting plate attached, because the hole for the joystick is very wide, almost as wide as a shaftcover.

There are pics of finished mod jobs on these sticks, maybe somebody has a link.

If any one knows the links please post em. I couldn’ find any using search. I may be using the wrong keywords