What do you guys use to play? I just want to get an idea of what you all use for playing online.

I use a psx dualshock, but I think I need to get a better adapter. Much like the piece of shit one I got for my xbox, I think the one Im using (which cost like 4 bucks) isnt very good cause it seems like some of my moves arent coming out when they should be.

So for those that use psx/ps2 controllers, what kind of adapter do you use for it? And how well does it work?

I use a Neo-Stick 2, it’s my all time favorite controller since it’s a PS2 version of the original AES Neo-Stick. Works wonderfully with pretty much any fighter I play, motions come out smoothly enough, and the buttons are very tappable. I use a generic PS to USB converter I got off of ebay for a few bucks, works really good for me, although I hear the Smart Joy is the best there is.

I have a really shitty Logitech dualshock controller. The D-Pad is crap and very unresponsive. Once I get an adapter and I can use my stick I’ll be online.

all three.

Mas Stick and sometimes keyboard for Street Fighter games.
keyboard for the Marvel vs games.
ps2 pad for SNK games like Garou and LB2 and everything else.

ps2 adapter i use now is one of those regular ones you get from radioshack.
i get little/no lag using it with mas, but for the hori II i have there’s a lot even playing offline.

oh and i had the same lag problem even when using a smartjoy =|

Keyboard…and yes, I can do those kof max combos with the keyboard.

only kb cuz I cant afford anything =(

Do you have a pic/link of it?

Yeah I got one -

Keyboard for years.
Probably not gonna change anytime soon.
I’ve learned to adapt to most motions. Only charge buffering the :d::u: motion (nearly impossible unless you have 3 hands and a very forgiving keyboard) and on the moment 720’s still give me problems.
The biggest problem is that I can’t do Zangief’s crouching lariat on the right side of the screen (that goes for both ST and Alpha 3). All the hotkeys I set are too close to my :df: direction apparently and the keyboard locks, which completely kills my anti-air game with him.
Might as well wear a sign that says free jump-ins.

Create two different hotkeys for that move…and use the one that doesn’t cause conflicts when you are on the right side.

All I can say to you keyboarders is, PUNCH the keys for god sake!

I can’t really. I did find a few that worked, but I’ve been using the same hotkeys for years. Having to change back and forth like that would seriously throw my game off.
Also, I use the numpad on the right side of the keyboard and UJHK for movement so my options are pretty limited anyway.

Most of the hotkeys that aren’t already in use would be in an awkward position relative to my other buttons.

My current set-up is:

U - Up
J - Down
H - Left
K - Right

Ins/0 - LP/A
Del/. - MP/B
Pg Dn/3 - FP/C
->/6 - LK/D
(Down arrow)/2 - FK
End/1 - RH

    • 3P/AB
      / - 3K/CD
      (Up arrow)/8 - BC
      Pg Up/9 - ABC
      4/<- - BCD
      Home/7 - ABCD

Hi, I’m shopping around for gamepads and it seems nobody has those old six-button MS sidewinder pads anymore :frowning:

Most if not all of the stores carry the Saitek p880 or something like that, and the price ranges from 29.99 to 49.99.

I really want to buy a PC pad so do you guys think its worth it to buy the more expensive saitek pads? or Do i look for other cheaper ones?

preferrably a 6 button pad so its SF-friendly.

i use this adapter. it supports 2 players.

works great no problems. just plug and play.

Im expecting these this week. Should improve my game at least by a bit.

I use this with a radio shack usb ps converter

Keyboard for a lot of games still.

Though I do use my stick for some games at times. Either i’m not doing the motions correctly or something but it seems like all :db:, :df:, :uf:, :ub:, directions will not get recognized at all. Maybe it’s just the converter i’m using because it works great for all the ps1/2 fighters I have.

I use a Saturn Pad and what’s called a PC Joybox which I bought off eBay And it works Flawlessly!

::has sex with your computer::

A warning, don’t burn yourself, my laptop has been known to overheat while doing extreme multi-tasking. :stuck_out_tongue: