Stick layout for Street Fighter player

So I am transitioning from Street Fighter games. What is the best layout for an SF player? I’ve tried the different layouts in the options and the game still feels awkward to me. It still feels super awkward with Meter Burn moves. Any tips?

1 2 interactable stance
3 trait mb throw

thats my layout

I prefer the mvc3 layout myself, this is what I use

1 2
3 S MB Stance

Is how I have it. S being trait. So that way I have access to my 4 buttons I use most fairly easily, with the 2 buttons needed for super close to each other. The MB might be in an awkward place here for some people, but as a Green Arrow player I don’t find myself making as much use of it as others might.

Note that I don’t really use the Intractable and Throw buttons, since you can just use combinations of 1+2 and 1+3 for those commands, respectively. This also lets you have it so that your throw is in the same place as it is in SF4.