Stick Learning Tips

A friend of mine recently bought an FS3 upon the release of SF4. He asked me for some tips and all I could tell him was “use it a lot,” since that’s how I originally learnt: By using it constantly for weeks to get used to the japanese style sticks.

Does anybody have any more tips I can give them?
Honestly I don’t think there are any. :wonder:

Show him the different grip styles so if he is frustrated with one way he can try a different one.

The two styles afaik being regular grip(Gripping it like a lever) and wine glass grip(gripping from underneath or slightly to the side between your middle and ring finger).

That might help, especially before a player really starts to get used to either way too much

Yeah, just use it a lot, and make sure they have a comfortable way of holding the stick that allows you to accurately go in the 8 directions. For example, using your palm and holding the stick like a drive shift would probably be a bad idea.

Also for some reason, when on a square gate, my friend keeps messing up QCF motions because he’s trying to grind it into the corners. So yeah, make sure he doesn’t do that.

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I’m actually in the process of learning to use a stick myself. I have played on a stick occasionally a few times in the past but since i have never owned one until now i was never able to grow into it.

I have 2 suggestions that have been helping me a bit:

1.) Remember to go back to neutral as much as possible.

2.) Don’t be really wild with the stick. Odds are if you are missing inputs it is because you are doing them wrong. Learn how to do all the motions slowly and precisely. My brother had this problem, he would really go crazy with the stick and end up missing simple things or accidentally jumping. If you want to do a hadouken for instance, dont just ride the gate and wildly fling your hand really fast. Make sure you start at neutral, move down, down-forward, forward and return to neutral.

edit: also. on my first few days i would miss abel’s HCB+P command grab because i wasn’t going all the way back, i was riding the gate and ending in down-back… It takes a little while to get a feeling for where each direction is. Like you may try to go back but accidentally go up too far and jump backwards instead. After a little while he will get a feeling for exactly where each direction is which will definitely help.

For me its important to remember that as long as the buttons work, they shouldn’t take too much mental focus to use correctly. The biggest difference between a pad and the stick is switching from d-pad to stick motions. So just learn everything in slow motion and work your way up…

For your friend, as with me, its just going to take time and practice. As of now im much worse with a stick than with a pad, because i learned ST and 3s on pads. But i know i’ll get better in a few weeks. Just dont get discouraged if you accidentally miss an input and lose.

My fave way is to rest the hand on the side of the stick, like a chopping motion, then curling fingers around the stick. That way, I get full wrist support and don’t have to move my arm around, and can just nudge or grab or push the stick to move, and gently flick my wrist for QCF, HCF etc motions. Minimum stress and risk of getting RSI injuries. Grabbing the stick too hard will give lower arm pains after a couple of hours.

I also use all 5 fingers on the buttons, but that may take a bit of training since we’re usually not used to using the ring and pinky fingers much, so they don’t respond well initially. But some training helps lots. I play keyboards (musically) so I have full finger strengt in all 10 fingers.

Nice one!

So ive been practicing on my HRAP3 for the last 2-3 weeks and im about to cry.
while playing on the ps3 controller i got to around 2300 bps, but now im struggling around 1400 bps.
i just cant seem to execute the moves i want, when i want them.
i bought the stick in hopes of improving my game, but im achieving the opposite.
my last hope is coming in the mail soon:
3 x Sanwa OBSF-30, black-grey (451)
1 x Sanwa Restrictor GT-Y (427)
3 x Sanwa OBSF-30, white
i’m praying that i will be able to use the stick efficiently once i get the Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate.
Has anyone used the octagonal plate and had better success with it when compared to the square gate?
Did i order the correct pieces for my HRAP3?
Can you guys suggest other parts that might make my life easier (ie different joystick/joystick components)?
i’ll suck it up and keep practicing but i just needed to vent and get some input from you guys.

^^ Don’t practice in ranked matches. You should be doing nothing but practice mode until you get the hang of the stick.

I got my first stick on thursday. All I’ve been doing is relearning all the absolute basics in practice mode. I.e. go in there and see if you can execute 10x SRK’s, 10x QCF, 10x 2xQCF motions correctly in a row (and other motions for your character without messing up at all).

The first few hours I really couldn’t do anything consistently. But you need to stick with it and concentrate on how your hand moves and what works and doesn’t.

After you get the basics, and can consistently pull of all moves by themselves. Move to combos, I.e. can you now apply those basics when juggling or canceling, etc.

You shouldn’t go back online until you’re confident you can pull off what you need to, when you have to. Believe me it was frustrating (I’m still learning) but I’m 10x better at the square gate now than when I started. Also stick with the square for the authentic arcade experience. IMO you lose the point of buying an arcade stick when you start watering it down with addons.

Could someone elaborate on finger positioning and usage? I want to learn to use a stick but don’t know whats the best way to utilize the button layout on say the new SF4 sticks. bytex mentioned that typically you don’t use every finger so what fingers are suppose to be used to hit each button?

I use all my fingers on the joystick except my pinky. I put my thumb on the bottom left button (low kick), index finger on low punch, middle finger on medium punch, and ring finger on high punch. From there I just move my finger and even my hand around according to what buttons I want to use. Its kind of like learning to type at first but easier, so keep practicing and you’ll find a method that works for you. I’ve been playing on a joystick for a year and a half now it was tough when I first started learning. The only real trick to getting better at it is to keep on playing. You’ll get used to it. My style of holding the joystick is to rest my hand on the actual whole faceplate, and use my thumb, index and middle finger to grip the ball. Again, the only way to get better is practice.

Uhmm you’re correct that he should be in training mode but don’t tell him he shouldn’t go into Rank/Player or online matches. When I first started off I was able to pull off all my motions, but being able to execute your motions in training mode and in real matches are totally different. Being able to do xx super with ken/chun in 3rd strike was real easy in training mode, but when i got into real matches i missed it a lot because of actual pressure. So I would recommend that guy to train both in real matches and in training mode it’ll both benefit you. But if you can’t do an easy QCF motion, then yea stay in training mode lol.

Learning how to use your stick is easy. Though some music might help, dim the lights a bit and fire up some candles. Get into a romantic mood. The internet is your friend here.

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I don’t know why but it seems i can execute most moves easily in training mode. but when i play online i feel like one of those idiots crouching and then punching trying to execute a hadouken.

Roll the ball on the joystick during a 360 motion. It’s weird, but it works.:wow:

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For the rest of us, it’s practice, practice, PRACTICE.

when i first got my stick, i used to get way too into it and the thing always slid all around. now im much more refined and it barely budges.

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I’m not having problems with anything except Vega’s super and ultra motion. For some reason, I just cannot pull that move off to save my life.