Stick maker in UK? Or should I just buy HRAP 3?

Its time to buy a stick but after looking round for ages I’ve not really come across many active makers in the UK that can make high quality sticks that will work on X360 or just PS3 would be fine. So I’m thinking of buying a HARP 3 from here

I was wondering if its worth the price?


Also is this one any good? at a pretty good price

Some of the best stick makers out there are in the UK.

Any of them have sites? Also what about those sticks I linked too


Laurie makes some sick ass sticks…

although I don’t know if he’s available or not =[

But here’s his sight…

Yeah I was looking at that earlier but looks like hes not been active since early last year :shake:

Which is why I’m looking at those two sticks at the moment not sure if there at good prices.

DH020 is located in England and he makes great sticks. Here’s one he’s selling now, I’m pretty sure the price would be alot cheaper since you guys are within the same country.

I’ll vouch for that - both of my customs were made by DH020 and they are awesome. :wgrin:

I will have some sticks made up soon :slight_smile:
I need to make a new site as I have no access to the one that is up.
Anyone know how to edit an iweb site on a PC?
Does iweb 2 have the facility to download websites?
Sorry to dump on your thread.

You mean you’ll have some premades for sale? I might be quite interested :smiley:

Thats right.
One I will have pictures of in about a week.
Will post them in the gallery.

For shipping I’d have you keep it until may when my In-Laws move to London XP.

Sweet, can’t wait to see some of your latest work! :tup:

Already contracted laurie47 and hopefully I’ll be buying a long overdue stick for myself :slight_smile:

April. 20th-ish.