Stick Making Question

I am looking to make a solidly built stick. Is 1/8" aluminum, for the top base, a good material to work with? Or is it too thick. Can a table saw with the right blade cut through it ?

Thats a good thickness.
You can table saw yup. Make sure you dont have a rip cutting blade in though. In the UK at least most tables come with a medium wood rip cutting blade.
Just ask in the hardware store which blade is best for aluminum.

Terrible to work with… Working with aluminum is a nightmare.

^ It can be but when it’s handled properly it can result in some amazing stuff. Welding on aluminum can be extremely tough.

You need a special rig to weld on aluminum. It is a very soft metal, easily workable with carbide tipped tools.

can sanwa snap ins fit through 1/8" metal + i guess 1/8" plexi ??

The aluminium cases are becoming more and more popular! Give it a try!

im not goiing for an all aluminum case. i am just speaking of the metal that usually goes under the plexi on a lot of these custom sticks. My arcade stick will still be based off wood. Anyone know the maximum depth you can mount a sanwa snap in?

Yes, metal is good for that function. Several stick builders have used sheet metal to mount the controls and then placed a piece of plexi with artwork on top. Byrdo even has one stick with bare sheet metal for the top.

Aluminum is teh one material i prefer to work with .125(1/8th") is actuallu the thickness i prefer to work with athough you can go a little bit thinner. Grab a jigsaw and a welder and you should be fine. I work with aluminum have a look.:slight_smile:

Nice work dj.

Yup its all I use for the top panel now.
Gives a very solid base for tapping away at those buttons.