Stick Mechanics?

Finally got my HRAP V3-SA, and I’m coming to terms with the fact that I have not used a Stick since fighting games of the 90’s. I’m re-learning the mechanics and learning to do them the proper way, and obviously some things are much easier. (I’m playing MvC3 mainly incase that comes in to play for any of my questions).

For example, shoryuken motions were a bit strange at first, I noticed I was doing them “left” fine but right was inaccurate. After some practice I realize that with the square gate you can basically perform a “Z” pattern with the stick and have it executed perfectly. The square gate also makes “tiger knee” motions far more reliable for the same reasons.

But I’m wondering about some of the other mechanics with sticks? Ironically adapting to a stick has felt very natural for me for the most part - using assists with the face buttons a little weird but much more accurate and feels more like a “normal” move now, and charges feel like you have to charge a fraction of the time and much more efficient (in combos like Hulks OTG’s), but ironically Dashes have been the hardest thing for me to get accustomed. For example Dashes seem far quicker to do with 2xAttacks rather than double tapping so far, sometimes when I double tap them it doesnt seem to come out and I’m worried about being too tough on my stick. But I’m not sure if that’s the optimal method on a stick and I’m just not used to it? What’s the optimal method for this?

Also, I’m wondering if there are there any other mechanics that I need to get used to with a stick for the higher execution combos/tactics? Any varied methods of hitting the buttons or using the stick that I need to be aware of? I’m spending a lot of time in practice with some of the higher execution characters like Mag, or the characters who did not work as well with a controller (like Taskmaster) so I figure this would be the best time for me to get used to stick mechanics best I can.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

There really is no “mechanics” for sticks in the way you used it. Playing on stick doesn’t require a specific strict way to play with. You just play that’s most comfortable to you. After you’ve found the most comfortable position, it’s just the amount of time you invest in your stick that will give you your desired results. The average learning curve from going from pad to stick is roughly 1 month (granted you’re playing for at least 1-2hrs per day).

As for the dashing. In games like street fighter with no command dash, I see it being better suited to dash via 2x back/forward. In the case of marvel, I recommend using command dash. MvC is a very fast paced game. Much faster than the average fighter. It’s also physically faster to command dash than it is to do it normally. In the end, both dash options have their usefullness.

If you play strictly command dash esque games, I wouldn’t put too much time into practicing normal dashing. However, if you do play street fighter, I suggest you practice dashing every day until it’s 2nd nature. Not every fighter has a command dash, and if you get stuck on performing dash with 2 button presses, you won’t make it far as a tournament level player

Thanks for the response.

Interesting, I figured there would be some more complex motions that you could do with a stick that you couldnt with pad, similar to using a wheel with racing games. Kind of relieving to see there isnt.

When it comes to games, I’m probably going to be playing “mostly” MvC at this point. I havent played SF4 since Vanilla, I thought of picking up AE… while I enjoyed the Vanilla SF4 when I had it, I wasnt the biggest fan of the SF4 jumping mechanics for a 2d-style fighter, so I’ll probably wait until I can grab it on a bargain. I plan on trying TTT2 and TxSF, but my friends havent been in to Tekken games as much so they normally dont last more than a month for me as I’ll be lacking in competition.

So I’m thinking of getting used to both - I’ll probably use the double tap method for mobility purposes and command for air dashes/combos. My only issue now is if I want a separate button for the dash or if I want to manually hit 2 buttons - separate requires less dexterity but less hand movement on the stick. Hmm… I’ll try em out and see how it goes.

In mvc3 you should command dash because, not only is dashing imperative, but dash canceling is even more imperative.
You should practice that, also.

There are, but it’s not really about the joystick. I mean, it goes up, down, left and right, just like a direction-pad. I’ve even seen some people arguing that a pad has the advantage in this department, because there is a lot less motion involved. I mean…look at a pad gief doing tick, ultra 1, then a gief on a stick doing the same thing. Stick gief can barely hold it in place lol.

Advantage for a joystick is in the buttons. You have access to all six right on top, they’re big, accurate and spaced across your fingers. This makes it much easier to use techniques that require strict timing and more than one button press.

For example, in marvel 3, there is a technique called plink-dash. Basically, you can cancel a normal attack with a dash, and you can also cancel a dash with a normal attack. If you press M attack, then L attack a frame or two later, your character will cancel the normal attack with a dash before it starts up. Then you do it again quickly, the normal cancels the dash, and the normal cancels into another dash. This is different form of a wave dash(canceling dashes with crouch). Some people find it easier, especially for a character like Wolverine, who’s super command is d, d, atk+atk.