Stick/Mentor Help Please!

So I am just over a week old into SSF4. I am losing the 4th level of arcade mode on medium(frustrated), and I just got my Qanba Q3 arcade stick in the mail yesterday…

Stick question first… - I was playing with the controller layout on my 8 button Qanba Q3. I have already learned within 20 minutes that it is more effective to play with 6 buttons and use the 2x focus attacks. I know nothing of how great players play and I know it all comes down to personal preference… However, I know there are certain layouts that are widely used and I am wondering which I should be using… I just went into options and noticed there is an Arcade Stick layout… Should I be using this?? What are your thoughts and what can you offer in terms of help/layouts.

Mentor help… - I was also wondering if someone could take some time on Xbox Live to introduce me to what is the fighter genre and tips / basic combos / training to get me going. I am not some complete scrub who is ignorant to learning and will take everything you have to offer with a good mindset. I grew up a competitive gamer mostly in the FPS genre… I got extremely good because I had tips to offer and never let my attitude hinder me from hearing and learning techniques/ideas from other people… Everyone has something to offer.

When I got online in SSF4, I was told to play with Ryu or Ken to get a general understanding for the game… I have been playing with Ryu, and have had little success.

I am hoping someone with a great deal of knowledge can help me… I am more than willing to learn!

Thanks a lot… Gamertag is “yo im garbage” Please add or post GT here if you’re willing to help… I will have to use my controller when we practice because for some stupid reason, the Qanba’s mic ports echo on xbox live…

Look forward to your help,


Checkout the Wiki page -

Check for indepth video tutorials -

The game has a training mode where it will teach you your bread and butter combos

Then I’d recommend watching gameplay footage see how the pros play. Checkout

Ninja Edit: Forgot the sticky basics for SSF4 vids- Basic Video Tutorial/Guide for Total Beginners for SSF4

I’m not sure what you mean by “use the 2 x focus attacks.” Check the sticky for layouts:

Most people use the default layout in that thread.

Please use the matchmaking sections for matchmaking.

shut this garbage down

There is only one layout ever for any Street Fighter.
Except the very first SF with only two Buttons.
The layout is always this:

What you see in the Button Configuration of the game is different.
Because not all Arcade Sticks are the same, Buttons be in different place.
What the options do is to make it so that the Button Mapping becomes the standard as above.

Yes, with Button Configuration, can make the Kicks on top and Punch on bottom.
Or Kick then Punch then Kick then Punch then Kick then Punch.
But that is weird very.