Stick mod prices

I’ve been getting a few requests to mod people’s sticks and I’ve come you fine people to get a price that is fair to charge people. Here’s a list of what services I’ll do doing:

ps sticks
te/se stick with imp and madcatz 4716

te/se with chimp

tvc with chimp and madcatz
tvc with chimp
tvc with madcatz

I’ll have a set standard way of doind these mods.

I’m thinking that I should charge less for 360 to ps mods because it’s easier, but should charge more for more for the other way around.

Please just take the cost for labour And not for materials

You’ll be providing a specialist service, so work out how much a skilled temp worker would be paid in your country and charge by the hour.

Other people have made their own topics on SRK about offering mod services, so you can also use this as a reference. The two most recently linked are: