Stick modding service

Trying to stack some cash for EVO so I’m offering services again.

If you want a mod done by me, you provide the pcbs/sticks/buttons, send me your stick and parts, and pay the cost of labor and shipping back to you. The service i provide is the labor to install/wire everything to make your stick work.** I DO NOT STOCK OR PROVIDE ANY PARTS**. I suggest ordering from for the most selection.

To figure out cost of shipping my zip code is 94526. I typically ship fedex ground 5 day or usps priority 3 day depending how fast you want your stick back. If you live in the San Francisco Bay area you can drop off your stick and pick up same or next day depending. I live in Danville in the East Bay.

The turnaround time for me to finish work is 3-5 days and I send you a pic of the completed work for your approval before sending.

I take payment via paypal or money order.

DUAL MODS (labor $50)

I can dual mod pretty much any common ground pcb based stick. Sticks using PS3/360 can be done with a dpdt switch or toodles imp board. ps2/360 will have 2 cords coming out of your stick.

This includes the following.

Madcatz TE 360 or PS3
Madcatz SE 360 or PS3
Virtua Stick High Grade
HRAP3 (all versions)
HRAP2 (all versions)
Tekken 5 Anniversary and Most other Hori made PS2 sticks
ASCII made PS2 sticks

some examples of my work.

360 TE w/cthulhu + imp
360 TE w/cthulhu + dpdt switch
HRAP 3 w/360 + dpdt
VSHG w/360 + dpdt
HRAP 2 w/360
HRAP 1 w/360
T5 w/360

PART SWAPS (labor $50)

I can make your retail based stick fit sanwa parts.

This includes the following

Tekken 5
Fighting Stick 3
Wii Fighting Stick
Agetec Green Goblin
Ascii FT

some previous work

T5 w/ all sanwa
Ascii FT w/ all sanwa
Agetec Green Goblin w/ all sanwa


I can hack pretty much any pad. I use 22awg stranded and hot glue to reinforce when managing your wires into your stick.

Typical padhacks include

madcatz wired 360
official ms wireless

some examples

dual cthulhu w/360

PM or post up for any questions.

thanks for looking :tup:

where in bay area you located in?

i live in danville in the east bay off 680. like 25 min from oakland.

okay cool, Someone is close to me (yay!). Would you help me with soldering service cthulhu/imp/360 whenever I get the 360 pcb? I’d just found someone with one today so that can take (hopefully) a week or 2

yeah no problem. get this one since they are pretty common and in stock all around.


I have a 360 SE Madcatz stick. Would it be possible to do a PS1 dual mod on it, with the PS1 cord being detachable? If so, how much would this cost? Thanks.

I’d do a Cthulhu but no one seems to have them stocked.

you can order from toodles directly, :tup:

ps1 dual mod is possible with either a detachable db15 or rj45 style connector.

for rj45 style you would need this to mount to the case and one of these to the end of the psx cable.

also if you want a cthulhu you can order from toodles directly towards the bottom of the page in the thread that soarer5 linked. you would want to order the multiconsole cthulhu if you want ps2 connectivity as well as a psx extension cable to go along with it.

like i mention in the first post, i don’t stock anything so you would have to provide all the necessary parts to make this work.

cost would be $50 to do the mod to your stick + $5 to wire up the psx cable to the rj45 connector housing + whatever it costs to ship everything back to you.

thanks for looking and sorry i missed your post.

this guy can do the same mod as well and pretty much was the first one to do it the way you would want it

sent you a PM yesterday akuma.

Hey, some of those pics look familiar! I can vouch for A+ level service from akuma001, he did my TE and HRAP dual mods, they are perfect. Good luck and free bump for you.


akuma001 does rad work! Did a T5 mod for me not too long ago.

Highly recommended! :bgrin:

I sent you a PM akuma

Hey Akuma your PM box is full. I got my cthulu today and am ready to send the stuff. Please PM me!

Hi akuma, I don’t know if my last PM went through. I have my stuff all ready to go out this weekend. Please shoot me a PM with your info whenever you can, thanks.


Shoot me a PM when you get a chance, I’d like to have you hack a 360 wireless controller for me and I was wondering about how a few things would work (adding a play and charge kit for instance). Thanks!

i decided to post this here since it might be useful for anyone else trying to do this.

for a play and charge the cleanest solution would be to have your play and charge always attached to the pcb inside the box and having it plugged into one of these and you would just use a usb b cable whenever you wanted to charge the battery to your stick.

everybody else, pm box if free and pms replied to.


Thanks again man. Feedback left!

Thanks a lot for the padhack! Nice clean work.

PM sent for a Gamesube PCB hack for my hori wii fight stick.