Stick multi console modding- Anything change in the last 6 months?

I’m looking to mod a 360 TE fightstick to be PS3 (and possibly Wii) compatible. The last thread could find was

Is the advice there still applicable? Has better stuff come out in the last 6 months that would serve me better?

Well there’s toodles IMP ver2 that’s in beta testing right now. It’ll have onboard RJ-45 and 360/PS3 autodetect. No word on when this will be out.

One of the new things is PS360. So you can have PS3 and 360 on one PCB, then you need a Wii PCB, which is what PiiWee is good for. However, MC Cthuhlu + 360 + Imp also works just fine. Unless if you have some of the Wii games that don’t support gamecube controllers. Then you need Wii PCB.

Imp v2 is set to be within a few weeks:

That was said about 3 weeks ago, so hopefully only 3?5 more to go.

Is that a better solution with regards to functionality? Or is there just less soldering/work/chance to fuck something up?

Also, since you’d be completely replacing one of the original parts, is there any problem with reliability?

If you just want to make a 360 TE PS3 compatible, you should consider the TEasy Strike. Definitely the least effort.

Newest IMP + Mc Cthulhu with RJ45 jack is ultimate win, now with dreamcast support :smiley:

How easy is it to mod a PS3 joystick for 360 functionality?

have fun soldering if that’s what you’re wondering.
in all seriousness you can do it with a ps360 easily to have 360 and ps3 support

i still am partial to the good old fashioned way of padhacking for ps3 -> xbox support

triple wireless with leo v2 board, mccthulhu and peewii

Thank you!

Was trying to remember the name of this handy little PCB board!

Chinese New Year threw a wrench in things. I’ve already sent off the build of materials and board files to the manufacturers, but they haven’t gotten back to me with a price yet. Once they actually start making stuff again after the vacation, then the 5-6 week clock will start. :frowning:

I’d love to board about the kitty’s, but they have to be sent back for rework; the 4066 chip they used is crap and needs replaced. No eta on those yet, much to my sadness.

So the biggest recent news? PS360, Dreamcast support in the MC Cthulhu, TEasy Strike, and a very bright future on the horizon.

Indeed, this year is going to be good. Already cooking up more stuff myself that I think will be fun for many people :slight_smile:

That sucks about the Kitty production though, they didn’t use the 4066’s that you specified, or did they not have it and try to substitute? I’m so so so happy that my production house is so close for that reason though, anything does somehow go wrong I can just drive there and drop shit off :rofl:

The only place I could get to call me back about rework wanted $10 each. To remove and replace an SOIC-14. So, back over the pond it goes. :frowning:
I gave them the part 74HC4066 and they grabbed one from whereever. Ron was like 300+ ohms, so the whole thing crapped the bed. I got good ones ordered and on the way so I’ll just ship the boards and chips and they’ll send them back fixed. My mistake, but thankfully caught before release, and on a small order. Everything else, oh man, so nice. Even got the on the fly button remapping and turbo going in my ‘oh crap I gotta release in a couple of days’ rush. I am so dying to get this out but I keep getting pegged with 2 week delay after 2 week delay.

Aww :sad:. I really wanted an Imp v2 for my build coming up, but I gotta have it done soon to win a local stick competition. Aw, well. Hopefully they’ll get distracted by all the LEDs and not notice I’m holding a button for 360. :rofl: