Stick no longer reads jump forwards consistantly? (PS360+)


A few weeks ago I noticed my stick was missing a lot of forward inputs, so I opened it up, fiddled around with the wires, tested it again, and it seemed to be working correctly. However, tonight it is once again not reading inputs if I try jumping forward. I have a PS360+ installed in a Mad Catz TE-S if that matters. Otherwise I’m not sure if I should try replacing the joystick harness, the joystick itself, or if it’s a problem with the PCB (I really, really hope it’s not this as it’s less than a year old).


Take pictures of the innards.
Sounds more like there’s either a loose wire on your harness, or your JLF’s PCB that’s crapping out.
In all likelihood, it’s probably not your PS360+.


Sounds like the forward microswitch in your stick. If you can solder, this is the cheapest option:

If you’re not comfortable soldering, just drop one of these in your JLF, which will also give you brand new switches for the rest of the directions: