Stick noob: Just how much stiffer is the LS-32

Compared to a JLF? Will I notice a significant difference? I recently bought a HRAP2:SA to practice with, and I’m actually getting used to it fairly quickly. However, I’m not so sure I like how loose it is. I really have a hard time canceling Dudley’s backswing blow > super because the stick doesn’t return to neutral that fast.

So to make up for it, I’m thinking about trying out that ultimate mod for the JLF or trying out the LS-32. Any suggestions? Should I just suck it up and stick to the JLF?

i haven’t put it in a stick yet but an ultimate mod JLF is a completely different animal. its just insanely tight. tiny controlled movements will probably be optimized. the double spring is tighter than a ls32.

If you practice with the JLF you will get good.

Do not modify the JLF it is a horrible idea and not reliable.

Personally from what you say I think you would like the LS-32. You should give it a try you will not be disappointed.

you should try to find someone local that has a LS. They have a shorter throw and different feel. I went back to the JLF.

I’m going through the same thing. I’ve chosen to try out the JLF spring mod, I’ll try an LS-33 spring with the JLF and double JLF springs.

I’ve been playing on the LS-32 for awhile now, it really is different from the JLF. Spring is stiffer but not by much. LS-32’s are pretty hard to mount or mod to most sticks, but 90% of people will be happy with JLF. I’ve been thinking of switching back to JLF just because those leaf switches feel weird and it really feel weird following the entire square gate to do half circles and SNKish motions. Double qcfs work just fine and I can even Shoshosho on the LS-32 so it’s not all that bad.

They say you can use a combination of a JLF spring and a LS-55 spring to get a heavy spring. So try using the LS-32 spring by itself, then LS-32 spring with the JLF spring.

As mentioned before, the LS-32 is stiffer and engages quicker than the Sanwa JLF.

The main difference to me is that the LS-32’s gate doesn’t feel as precise. It feels kind of like an octogon. The gate is slightly larger on the LS-32 and that feeling is more profound during 360 motions.

That’s strange…I would have thought that the gate would actually be smaller, given the smaller throw and deadzone. As far as the octagon feel of it, would that be because of the extra blue gate (that’s screwed on bottom of the square gate for 2/4-way I assume?) interfering with the square one?

I agree. Right now I can’t decide whether I like the JLF or the LS-32 better. I put the LS-32 somewhere between a JLF with a square gate and a JLF with an octagonal gate.

It has better corners than a JLF with an octagonal gate, making DPs easier. But the corners are rounder than a JLF with a sqaure gate, making fireballs and supers easier.

Having said all that, you would think I’d found the perfect stick. But I’m having a rough time getting adjusted to the feel of the LS-32. I think Dulu’s assessment that it is not as precise, is accurate and may be my problem with the stick.

The gate is ever so slightly larger when you line up a stock Sanwa GT-8F gate with the LS-32’s. Perhaps due to the larger actuator and shaft? The difference is more in feel rather than respective physical sizes.

Maybe the pseudo octagon feel is what makes 360s and 720s seem like they aren’t as fast and have more of a pronounced circumference. (when compared to the JLF)

Removing the dark blue gate makes it feel even less precise. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I had only tried that for a few minutes. 2x QCF’s didn’t come out as easy for me personally. But removing it is simple and it’s worth a try.

Also the stiffer spring, shorter throw, and smaller dead zone that you mention makes it the de facto standard with shooter fans. Can’t argue that. =)

DevilsFang sums it up. The corners do feel rounder on the LS-32. So it depends what you like. Most people conclude that square gates tend to be faster and more precise.

OTOH, if you like the tactile feeling of grinding the corners for an octagon-like motion, it does feel superior than the JLF with GT-Y gate.

Has anyone tried a worn out LS-32 in an arcade? It feels almost like a circle. But by then the micro switches are probably warn too.

I hope all this random stuff helps. =)

I tried the LS-33 spring in with the stock JLF spring and used it that way for a while. It has a decent feel to it, but ultimately I felt like it was overly tight. Removing the stock JLF spring and swapping it with an LS-32 spring feels pretty good, though.

To answer your question, it’s just a little stiffer. I think if you switch to an LS-32 you will notice the other differences (leaf switches, etc) more than the difference in stiffness. The JLF is a more precise stick, but you know what they say about opinions…

I tried an LS-33 (thirty-three) with an added LS-56 spring & octo-gate.
Incredibly tight (tighter than stock JLF/LS-32 IMHO), and feels quite nice for circular movements.

My 2 favourite sticks are: Seimitsu LS-56 & Seimitsu LS-32

The LS-56 is my favourite. It feels very similar to the 32 except it has a little bit of a bigger throw and it seems to return to neutral a little bit slower compared to the 32. However the biggest difference is the gate. I use square on both and the square gate on the 56 is a lot more ‘square’ feeling than the 32 which is a bit more ‘roundish’. Another big thing you’ll notice is the 56 is a lot smaller than a 32 in every aspect. So installation is a bit easier in most cases. Not too many people give the 56 a chance and I think they should, it’s a great stick with no problems or modding necessary unlike a few other sticks.

The JLF I never liked, probably never will. It’s a great joystick but it just feels too ‘mushy’ for my taste. Although if I played 3D games like Soul Calibur or Tekken the JLF would definitely be my pick.

JLF with 2 LS-33 springs is awesome. Nice and stiff.

The LS-56 is also my favourite Seimitsu stick. It really shines with 2D fighters. The LS-56 will fit anywhere a JLF can. If anyone wants to give it a try, the optional MS plate makes it installable where a JLF-P1 plate fits.

The similar form factor to the JLF, stiff spring, and more precise gate over the LS-32 makes it hard to replicate.

I agree with you. The only thing is I can feel the corners on the ls-32 because like you said it feels more profound it makes EWGF’s in tekken very on point but 360 on a big square gate feels awkward IMO.

I had the same problem but the LS-40 is to me the perfect balance between like a JLF vs an LS-32 it has that smaller smooth circle motion gate feel like the JLF but the stiffness and rugedness of a LS-32 but for Tekken I prefer the LS-32 hands down.

I’ve been a pad player basically all my life, so I’m accustomed to using small, quick movements for my moves to come out. For example, I like being able to throw out Dud’s backswing while buffering the 2x QCFs right way in case it happens to land so I can super.

It sounds like the LS-56 or a modded JLF is the way to go. I happen to like the square gates that are found on the stock JLFs, as it makes DPs a lot easier imo. The stick itself on the other hand, feels rather ‘sloppy’ and loose, so it’s almost like I have to make exaggerated movements with my hand when it comes to any kind of circular motions.

Having said that, anything with a tighter feel, smaller movements, and a precise square gate is what I’m looking for. Thanks for the suggestions so far.

Yea if you thought the JLF is too loose, go with a LS-56 man, it’s top tier :smiley:

Couple questions before I commit to buying the LS-56. I was on slagcoin and took a look at this chart:

Based on that, the two that appealed to me the most were obviously the LS-56 but the LS-40 as well. The short engage and throw distance is what caught my eye, and it would seem that maybe it’d be the stick to choose based on what I want.

Does anyone have experience with these two sticks? Which one did you like more, and why? Also, how does the gate feel on the LS-40? Does it actually feel like a precise square or more of an octagon or circle? And finally, as mentioned earlier I have a HRAP2:SA. Would either of these sticks need a different plate to mount correctly or can I just buy the LS-56-01/LS-40-01 and be done with it?

I have no experience with the LS-40, but to mount my LS-56 in the HRAP2 SA, I used the Seimitsu MS plate. You can find it on under Joysticks > Accessories. Last I checked LizardLick does not stock it.